Achim Schweikard, Research Associate

Robotics Laboratory
Department of Computer Science
Stanford University
Stanford, CA 94305

Office: Poplar 115, (415) 725-8811

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Research Interests:

Planning a radiosurgical operation requires processing of complex spatial information as well as making compromises between conflicting geometric constraints. In current radiosurgical systems this planning task is carried out manually by the surgeon. An interdisciplinary project between the departments of Neurosurgery and the Robotics Laboratory at Stanford University has been set up to develop geometric algorithms for planning radiosurgical and radiotherapeutical treatments. In the course of this project the treatment planning system for the Neurotron-1000 robotic radiosurgical system has been designed and implemented. Methods for collision-avoidance, accuracy improvement, calibration, minimization of total radiation time as well as total motion time were developed in the context of this planning system. Further research interests include applications of geometric reasoning techniques such as flexible collimation methods for radiotherapy and assembly planning.

Recent Publications