Bruce Romney, PhD


My Ph.D. was conferred by Stanford on April 3, 1997.
I am now working in Palo Alto, CA, at the Automation and Robotics Laboratory of Lockheed-Martin Missiles & Space Co.

Research at Stanford:

My doctoral research has been in automatic assembly-planning, i.e., artificial-intelligence systems which can automatically determine how to assemble products from their parts. Specifically, the main focus of this research has been Sequence/Fixture Co-Design, that is, the concurrent design of both assembly sequences and the fixtures required to hold the product in place during assembly. My dissertation on the subject, On the Concurrent Design of Assembly Sequences and Fixtures, is available for the asking.

Prior to that, I worked on the Stanford Assembly Analysis Tool (STAAT), a project in automatic assembly sequence generation and analysis.

Research Papers

List of papers by the entire assembly-planning group

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