Cyprien Godard, MSCS Student

Gates Building
Robotics Laboratory
Department of Computer Science
Stanford University
Stanford, CA 94305
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I am now working with General Electric Medical Systems Europe on Medical Imaging.

Research Projects in the Robotics Laboratory

Stanford Assembly Analysis Tool and Jean-Claude Latombe's Research Groups

B. Romney, C. Godard, M. Goldwasser, and G. Ramkumar, "An Efficient System for Geometric Assembly Sequence Generation and Evaluation" (ASME 1995, Best Paper Award) and other papers from the group

A Simple Convex-Concave Polygon Intersection Implementation at Ray Dream Inc., Mountain View, CA.

Current project: Global Path Planning GPP: piano mover's problem for high degrees of freedom robot. Application to Design for Maintenance or Automatic Fly Through with General Electric. With Dr. Tsai-Yen Li, Dr. Lydia Kavraki and Prof. Jean-Claude Latombe.

Motion Planning?

Given an Euclidean Space with free regions and obstacles, given two points in this space I (initial), G (goal), can you find a path to go from I to G? This is the basic motion planning problem. It is better defined in Latombe's book.There are potentially more applications than you first thought there were: Mechanical Design, Manufacturing (GPP), Robotics, Animated Graphics, Medical Surgery, Drug Design, Financial Problems...

A project in Virtual Reality using the Workbench.

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Other groups of interest at Stanford

Stanford Computer Forum Home Page: an industrial affiliate program at Stanford with the Department of Computer Science.

Stanford Computer Industry Project: an inter-disciplinary research program dedicated to exploring the business, political and technical dynamics of the worl-wide computer and information technology industries.

Stanford Integrated Manufacturing Association. It is a cooperative venture between Stanford University and member industrial firms for the purpose of providing industry with world class manufacturing research and education.


Yahoo - A Guide to WWW. Good start in the Web if you are looking for anything.

Windsurfing links...

The Wind of the Bay Area in real time (Francois') or this source (Jack's) and Ken's current view.

Vector map of the wind on SF bay. An other wind report in "real-time"

If you are a beginner you should read this story first before you go sailing over in the ocean.

French Connection...

The Tocqueville Connection, a site in English about France. LE WEBLOUVRE , One French Connection in the Silicon Valley: DBF. Minitel: An other way to find people in France: Minitel (2nd site) .

Pictures and drawings...

Escher's Gallery, Dilbert On-line , because life is too short... and he's cool.

Jazz Connection...

Do you like Jazz? Check this out or this one.

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