3D Viewer Module

3D Viewer uses Geomview or Open Inventor to display a 3D module of the world from which one can see the virtually reconstructed scene of the world. Geomview version of the viewer is an external Geomview module that communicates to Geomview through stdin and stdout UNIX pipes. The viewer allows a user to select from several different virtual cameras strategically placed in the world to see the observer and target robots.

Current bugs or problems

How to execute Geomview version of the module

  1. make sure both geomview and grip3dv executables are in your path. On underdog, geomview is located in /usr/local/bin and grip3dv.sun4 is located in ~dlin/io/grip3dv. On SGI, geomview is located in ~dlin/others/Geomview, and grip3dv.iris4d is located in ~dlin/io/grip3dv. Unix paths must be setup properly in order for geomview to work properly.
  2. copy ~dlin/.geomview into $HOME/.geomview.
  3. run geomview/3dv by typing 'geomview -nopanels -c "(emodule-run grip3dv.sun4)" -b 0.3 0.3 0.3' on underdog or 'geomview -nopanels -c "(emodule-run grip3dv.iris4d)" -b 0.3 0.3 0.3' on SGI workstation.

How to execute Open Inventor version of the module

  1. run ~dlin/io/gripIV/gripIV.iris4d [ server [ port ] ] on any SGI workstation

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