Control Module (Kybern)

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Revision history

  1. April, 1995: First version finished.
  2. April, 1995: Added landmark relocalization.
  3. July, 1995: Improved process model.
  4. July, 1995: Improved target tracking by using a better model for the angular error predictor.
  5. Switch to new Nomad class which uses binary port to connect to the robot daemon (instead of the ascii port).
  6. January, 1996: Linux version implemented.
  7. January, 1996: Changed the communication protocol with the planner to match the new planner version.
  8. September, 1997: Controller rewritten (renamed Kybern). Socket connections improved, Clock class incoporated (clean timing and synchronization mechanism), State and State_History class incorporated (data history spread uniformly in time, intersample acces by linear interpolation), running mode selected automatically depending on the supporting modules being run (see comments).
  9. October 15, 1997: Added dead-zone to control laws to remove limit cycles and oscillations.

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