Grip Module

GRIP (Graphical Robot Interface Program) is an X-application which allows user to observe/control mobile target robot's position and orientation through Intelligent Observer's vision system information.

GRIP can be run as a stand-alone program or through the Web via any Web browsers like Mosaic or Netscape.

Current version of GRIP works on any workstations with X-server. Future version may include conversion to Java language. This will allow GRIP to work on majority of workstations and PCs since Netscape has announced support for Java.

GRIP has a top view window showing robots' position and orientation with respect to landmarks and obstacles in its world. A camera view allows user to look at the world through robot's view camera. User can control mobile target robot's position by joysticking from the control window. User can also modify Intelligent Observer's higher-level parameters (like cell size and minimum following distance) through the planner window.

Current bugs or problems

How to execute this module

Two methods to run GRIP:
  1. Run GRIP from web page. URL is Just follow the direction on the web page to start GRIP.
  2. Manually run GRIP executable in ~dlin/io/grip/grip.sun4 on underdog. Type ~dlin/io/grip/grip.sun4 -help to get a list of options. Most common command to start GRIP is ~dlin/io/grip/grip.sun4 -nofurniture -install.

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