CS109 Class Slides

Lecture # Topic Slides
1 BST Permutations PDF
2 Combinations PDF
3 Introduction to Probability PDF
4 Conditional Probability and Bayes Theorem PDF
5 More on Conditional Probability and Independence PDF
6 Random Variables and Expectation PDF
7 Variance and Binomial Distribution PDF
8 Poisson and Other Discrete Distributions PDF
9 Continuous Distributions PDF
10 Normal and Exponential Distributions PDF
11 Joint Distributions PDF
12 Independent Random Variables PDF
13 Sums of Independent Random Variables and Conditional Distributions PDF
14 Properties of Expectation and QuickSort Analysis PDF
15 Covariance PDF
16 Correlation and Conditional Expectation PDF
17 Moment Generating Functions PDF
18 Helpful Inequalities and Bounds PDF
19 Law of Large Numbers and Central Limit Theorem PDF
20 Parameter Estimation and Method of Moments PDF
21 Maximum Likelihood Estimation PDF
22 Bayesian Estimation PDF
23 Machine Learning and Naive Bayes Classifier PDF
24 Logistic Regression PDF
25 Modeling Uncertainty and Utility PDF
26 Generating probabilities and Monte Carlo simulation PDF
27 Final Exam Review Examples PDF