American Painters

Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries (1700s-1800s)

               Benjamin West - The Death of General Wolfe, Death on a Pale Horse

               John Copley - Paul Revere, John Hancock, Watson and the Shark, The Death of the Earl of

                              Chatham, The Boy with the Squirrel

               Gilbert Stuart - portraits of George Washington (Vaughan, Lansdowne, and Athenaeum styles)

Nineteenth Century (1800s)

               James Abbott McNeil Whistler - Arrangement in Black and Gray No.1 The Artist's Mother,

                              Twelve Etchings from Nature (the French Set), Symphony in White No. 1 The White Girl, Thames

                              and Venice series, Nocturne in Black and Gold: The Falling Rocket

               John James Audubon - Birds of America (collection of bird paintings and drawings)

               Nathaniel Currier and James Ives - (many lithographs of American life) Baseball Game at Elysian

                              Fields, Buffalo Hunt, Mississippi Riverboats

Impressionist (1800s)

               Mary Cassatt - (impressionist paintings of women and children) Portrait of Alexander J. Cassatt

                              and His Son Robert, Young Woman Sewing in the Garden, The Caress

Realism (1800s-1900s)

               Thomas Eakins - The Gross Clinic

               Winslow Homer - Gulf Stream, Breaking Storm, The Hurricane, Eight Bells, Long Branch NJ,

                              The Reaper, High Cliff, (Civil War illustrations for Harper's Weekly)

               Henry Tanner - Resurrection of Lazarus, Portrait of the Artist's Mother, The Banjo Lesson

               Emmanuel Leutze - Washington Crossing the Delaware

               Samuel Morse - The Gallery of the Louvre

               John Sargent - Madame X

Hudson River School (1800s-1900s)

               Thomas Cole - View Near Ticonderoga, Course of Empire, Niagara Falls, The Voyage of Life,

                              The Consummation of Empire, Oxbow of the Connecticut

               Edwin Church - Niagara Falls, Catskill Mountains, Morning in the Tropics

Regionalist (1900s)

               Thomas Benton - America Today (mural)

               George Bingham - Fur Traders Descending the Missouri, The Jolly Flatboatmen, Raftsmen Playing Cards

               John Curry - Spring Shower, Morning Landscape

               Grant Wood - American Gothic, Daughters of the Revolution

               Anna Mary Robertson "Grandma" Moses - (started painting in her 70s) Sugaring-Off,

                              Thanksgiving Turkey

Photorealism (1900s)

               Chuck Close - (quadriplegic) Paul, Robert Square Fingerprint II, Lucas II

               Malcolm Morley

               Richard Estes

Pop Art (1900s)

               Jasper Johns - Three Flags

               Robert Rauschenberg - Estate, Monogram

               Andy Warhol - (known for paintings of Campbell's Soup cans and Marilyn Monroe)

               Roy Lichtenstein - (pop art resembling comic strips) Whaam!, Look Mickey I've Hooked a Big One!

Abstract Art (1900s)

               Georgia O'Keeffe - (paintings of flowers and bones from southwest landscape, married

                              photographer Alfred Stieglitz) Red Hills and Bones, Black Iris, Sky Above Clouds IV

               Charles Sheeler - Upper Deck, Ballardville

Abstract Impressionism (1900s)

               Jackson Pollock - (used drip technique to create "action painting") Black and White, Autumn

                              Rhythm, Portrait and a Dream

               William de Kooning - Two Men Standing, Attic, Easter Sunday, Marilyn Monroe

               Franz Kline - Mahoning, Meryon

               Mark Rothko - (suicide, has chapel in Houston) Subway, Slow Swirl on the Edge of the Sea,

                              Green and Tangerine on Red

               Horace Pippin - Mr. Prejudice, John Brown Going to His Hanging, Starting Home The End of the War

Realism (1900s)

               Edward Hopper - Nighthawks, Early Sunday Morning. Le pavilion de flore, House by the Railroad

               Ben Shahn - The Passion of Saccho and Vanzetti

               Andrew Wyeth - Christina's World

               Norman Rockwell - (cover illustrator of Saturday Evening Post), Four Freedoms, Boy Scout Calendar

Conceptual Art / Earthworks (1900s)

               Christo - (born in Bulgaria) Running Fence Sonoma and Marin Counties CA, Wrapped Reichstag,

                              Valley Curtain Rifle CO



Austrian Painters

Art nouveau (1900s)

               Gustav Klimt - The Kiss



British Painters

Seventeenth Century (1600s)

               Nicholas Hilliard - (miniaturist) Young Man Leaning Against a Tree with Roses

Eighteenth Century (1700s)

               Thomas Gainsborough - The Blue Boy, Perdita, Market Cart, Lady Innes, portrait of King George

                              III and Queen Charlotte Sophia, Mr. and Mrs. Andrews, Cornard Wood, The Watering Place

               William Hogarth - The Rake's Progress, Marriage a la Mode, Garrick as Richard III, The Shrimp

                              Girl, The Bathos, illustrated Hudibras

               William Blake - The Ancient of Days, illustrations for his Songs and Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress

               Joshua Reynolds - (first president of the Royal Academy of Arts, 1768), Portrait of Samuel

                              Johnson, Sarah Siddons as the Tragic Muse, Nelly O'Brien, Strawberry Girl

               Thomas Girtin - (watercolors) White House at Chelsea

Nineteenth Century (1800s)

               John Constable - The Hay Wain, The White Horse, Salisbury Cathedral, Cornfield, Boatbuilding

                              Near Flatford Mill

               JMW Turner - Rain Steam and Speed, The Slave Ship, Burning of the Houses of Lords and

                              Commons, The Bay at Baiae with Apollo and the Sibyl, Ulysses Deriding Polyphemus

               John Tenniel - illustrated Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass

Pre-Raphaelites (1800s)

               John Millais - The Carpenter Shop

               William Hunt - Scapegoat, Finding of Christ in the Temple

               Dante Rossetti - The Wedding of St. George and the Princess Sabra

Pop Art (1900s)

               Richard Hamilton - Five Tyres Remoulded, This Is Tomorrow exhibition



Dutch Painters

Renaissance (1500s)

               Hieronymus Bosch - Garden of Delights, Crowning with Thorns, The Temptation of St. Anthony,

                              The Adoration of the Magi, Christ Carrying the Cross

               Lucas van Leyden - Last Judgment, Christ Presented to the People

Baroque (1600s)

               Frans Hals - The Laughing Cavalier, La bohemienne, Banquet of the Officers of the St. George Militia


               Rembrandt van Rijn - (chiaroscuro method) Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Tulp, The Night Watch (The

                              Shooting Company of Captain Frans Banning Cocq), Supper at Emmaus, The Blinding of Samson,

                              Self-Portrait, The Syndics of the Cloth Guild, Aristotle Contemplating the Bust of Homer

               Adriaen Brouwer - Smokers, Tavern Interior, Twilight

               Jan Steen - The Cat Family, The Morning Toilet, Wedding, The Surprise

               Pieter de Hooch - The Pantry, The Card Players, Courtyard of a House in Delft

               Gerard Ter Borch - The Swearing of the Oath of Ratification of the Treaty of Munster, The Music Lesson

               Jan Vermeer - Kitchen Maid, Young Woman with a Water Jug, View of Delft, The Geographer, The


Expressionism (1800s)

               Vincent van Gogh - (threatened Paul Gougain with a razor, cut off his ear, and committed suicide)

                              The Starry Night, The Night Cafe, The Potato Eaters, Crows in the Wheat Fields, Self-Portrait, Dr.

                              Gachet, Sunflowers, Irises, Self-Portrait with Bandaged Ear



Flemish (Belgian) Painters

Renaissance (1400s-1500s)

               Jan Van Eyck - (court painter for Philip the Good) Arnolfini Wedding, Man in Red Turban, Ghent

                              Altarpiece including Adoration of the Lamb, Madonna and Child with Chancellor Rolin

               Roger van der Weyden - Descent from the Cross, The Last Judgment, St. Catherine, Adoration of

                              the Magi

               Robert Campin (the Master of Flemelle) - Merode Altarpiece, Werl Altarpiece

               Hans Memling - Triptych of the Resurrection, St. Christopher Altarpiece, Adoration of the Magi,

                              Donne Tiptych, Bathsheba at the Bath

               Petrus Christus - Legend of St. Eloi, Lamentation

               Dirk Bouts - Last Summer (panel in Sacramental Altarpiece), Ordeal by Fire

               Pieter Brueghel - Harvesters, Hunters in the Snow, Landscape with the Fall of Icarus, Triumph of

                              Death, The Peasant Wedding Feast, The Seven Deadly Vices

Baroque (1600s)

               Peter Paul Rubens - Judgment of Paris, Christ on the Cross, Raising of the Cross, Henry IV

                              Receiving the Portrait of Marie de Medici, Fall of the Damned, Garden of Love, Prometheus Bound,

                              Death of Achilles, Descent from the Cross, Battle of the Amazons

               Frans Snyders - Fox Hunting, Stag Hunt, Bear Hunt, painted the eagle in Rubens's Prometheus Bound

               Jan Brueghel - (son of Pieter Brueghel the Elder) The Battle of Arbela, Bowl with Jewels

               Anthony van Dyck - (court painter for Philip IV, Charles I, and Marie de Medicie) Charles I in

                              Hunting Dress, Madonna of the Rosary, Samson and Delilah, The Vision of St. Augustine

Magic Realism (1900s)

               Rene Magritte - The Key of Dreams, The Human Condition, Time Transfixed, The Treachery of Images,

                              The Menaced Assassin, The False Miror

Surrealism (1800s-1900s)

               James Sidney Ensor - Christ's Entry Into Brussels in 1889



French Painters

French School (1400s)

               Jean Fouquet - Man with a Glass of Wine

Classical (1600s)

               Nicolas Poussin - Rape of the Sabines, Inspiration of the Poet, The Arcadian Shepherds,

                              Selene and Endymion, Landscape with the Burial of Phocion, Echo and Narcissus

               Georges de La Tour - St. Sebastian Tended by St. Irene, Adoration of the Shepherds

               Charles Lorrain - Harbor at Sunset, Landscape Marriage of Isaac and Rebekah

Rococo (1700s)

               Jean Antoine Watteau - The Embarkation for the Island of Cythera, Gersaint's Signboard,

                              Harlequin and Columbine, La Gamme d'Amour

               Francois Boucher - (patron Marquise de Pompadour, Louis XV's mistress) Marquise de

                              Pompadour, Triumph of Venus

               Jean Honore Fragonard - The Swing, The Education of Dogs, The Progress of Love in the Hearts

                              of Young Girls

               Claude-Joseph Vernet - Ports of France series, Villa at Caprarola

Neoclassical (1800s)

               Jacques-Louis David - Coronation of Napoleon and Josephine, Death of Marat, Oath of

                              the Horatii, Madame Recamier, Death of Socrates

               Jean-Auguste Dominique Ingres - Turkish Women at the Bath, The Envoys from Agamemnon,

                              The Vow of Louis XIII, The Apotheosis of Homer, La Grande Odalisque

Realism (1800s)

               Gustave Courbet - The Stone Breakers, Burial at Ornans, The Artist's Studio

               Honore Daumier - Third Class Carriage, The Republic, The Thieves and the Ass, The Uprising

               Jean Francois Millet - The Gleaners, The Angelus, The Sower, Potato Planters

Romanticism (1800s)

               Jean Louis Gericault - Raft of the Medusa, Officer of the Imperial Guard, Charging Chasseur,

                              Race for the Derby at Epsom

               Eugene Delacroix - Liberty Leading the People, Barque of Dante, Massacre at Chios, Women of

                              Algiers, Tiger Hunt, Death of Sardanapalus

Pre-Impressionist (1800s)

               Edouard Manet - A Bar at the Folies-Bergere, Execution of the Emperor Maximillian of Mexico,

                              Battle of the Kearsarge and Alabama. Le dejeuner sur l'herbe (Luncheon on the Grass),

                              Olympia, Argenteuil

Impressionist (1800s)

               Claude Monet - Impression Sunrise, Port of LeHavre, The Green Dress, Women in the Garden,

                              Haystacks series, Rouen Cathedral series, Water Lilies

               Alfred Sisley - La Seine a Bougival

               Camille Pissarro -Boulevard des Italiens, Bather in the Woods, Vegetable Garden at the Hermitage

               Edgar Degas - The Ballet Rehearsal, Glass of Absinthe, Blue Dancers, Woman with


               Pierre Auguste Renoir - Les Grand Boulevards, Luncheon of the Boating Party, Le Bal au Moulin

                              de la Galetta, Jeanne Samary, Madame Charpentier and Her Children

Neo-Impressionism (1800s)

               Georges Seurat - A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte, Bathers at Asnieres

               Paul Signac

Post-Impressionism (1800s)

               Paul Cezanne - Mont Sainte-Victoire, Card Players, Large Bathers, Peaches and Pears

               Paul Gauguin - Where Do We Come From What Are We Where Are We Going?, Yellow Christ,

                              Tahitian Women, Spirit of the Dead Watching, The Day of the God, La Orana Maria Henri de

               Toulouse Lautrec - At the Moulin Rouge

               Henri Rousseau - The Sleeping Gypsy, The Snake Charmer, The Dream

Proto-Impressionism (1800s)

               Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot - House and Factory of M. Henry, Memory of Mortefontaine, The

                              Belfry at Douai, The Forum, Volterra

Fauvism (1900s)

               Henri Matisse - Portrait with a Green Stripe, Joy of Life, The Blue Nude, The Red Studio

               Andre Derain - Bathers, London Bridge

Dadism, Cubism, and Surrealism (1900s)

               Marcel Duchamp - (created "ready-mades", common objects presented as art) Nude Descending a

                              Staircase, Bicycle Wheel (readymade), Fountain (urinal with Joseph Stella), The Bride Stripped

                              Bare by Her Bachelors Even (The Large Glass)



German Painters

Gothic (1400s)

               Stefen Lochner - Altar of the City of Patrons

Danube School (1500s)

               Albrecht Altdorfer - (first landscaper) Battle of Alexander and Darius on the Issus, St. George in a

                              Landscape, The Fall and Redemption of Man

Renaissance (1500s)

               Albrecht Durer - Head of an Apostle, (woodcuts) Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Four

                              Apostles, (engravings) Large Fortune, Knight Death and the Devil, St. Jerome, Adam and Eve,

                              Melencolia I, (treatsie) Four Books on Human Proportions

               Matthias Grunewald - Isenheim Altarpiece (including Temptation of Saint Anthony, Saint Paul in

                              the Wilderness, Saint Sebastian, Crucifixion, Resurrection), The Mocking of Christ

               Lucas Cranach the Elder - Adam and Eve, Judgment of Paris, Venus and Amor, portraits of

                              Maximilian I, Charles V, Luther

               Hans Holbein the Younger - The Ambassadors, portraits of Henry VIII and his court, illustrated Erasmus's

                              Praise of Folie, Dead Christ, Passion of Christ, Erasmus of Rotterdam, Madonna of Burgomaster

                              Meyer altarpiece, The Dance of Death, Erasmus of Rotterdam

Romanticism (1800s)

               Caspar David Friedrich - Polar Sea, Hope, The Tree of Crows, The Cross in the Mountains

               Eduard Charlemont - Moorish Chief

Expressionism (1900s)

               Emil Nolde - Christ Among the Children, March, The Reveler



Greek Painters

Classical Era (400s BC)


               Micon of Athens and Panainos (Phidias's brother) - Battle of Marathon

               Apelles - Alexander the Great, Aphrodite



Italian Painters

Gothic (1300s)

               Giotto - Virgin and Christ frescos at Scrovegni Chapel in Padua, Ognissanti Madonna, Arena Chapel frescos

Renaissance (1400s-1500s)


                              Masaccio - The Tribute Money, Expulsion from Paradise, Trinity frescos, Madonna and

                                             Child with Saints

                              Sandro Botticelli - (worked for the Medicis) Birth of Venus, Primavera, Adoration of the

                                             Magi, Giuliano de' Medici, walls of Sistine Chapel (Temptation of Christ, Youth of

                                             Moses, Punishment of the Sons of Corah)

                              Leonardo da Vinci - (used sfumato and chiaroscuro) Mona Lisa, Last Supper, The Virgin

                                             of the Rocks, Adoration of the Magi

                              Dominico Ghirlandaio - (Michelangelo's teacher) Scenes from the Life of St. Francis

                              Michelangelo Buonarrati - Sistine Chapel ceiling (scenes from Genesis, including

                                             Creation of Adam), The Last Judgment (on wall behind altar in Sistine Chapel), Divine

                                             Head (drawing)

                              (Raffaelo Santi) Raphael - School of Athens, Marriage of the Virgin, Entombment of

                                             Christ, Parnassus, Triumph of Galatea, Sistine Madonna, Transfiguration, Pope Leo X

                                             with Cardinals Guilo de Medici and Luigi de Rossi, Disputa

                              Andrea del Sarto - frescos about John the Baptist

                              Giorgio Vasari - (wrote Lives of the Artists)


                              Giorgione - Tempesta, Castelfranco Altarpiece, Three Philosophers

                              (Jacopo Robusti) Tintoretto - ("little dyer") Miracle of the Slave, Paradise, Susanna

                                             Bathing, The Origin of the Milky Way, Crucifixion, The Last Supper

                              (Tiziano Vecellio) Titian - Charles V, Man with the Glove, Venus of Urbino, Rape of

                                             Europa, Pope Paul III, Sacred and Profane Love, Assumption of the Virgin, Bacchus

                                             and Ariadne, Death of St. Peter Martyr, Flora, Death of Actaeon, Crowning with

                                             Thorns, (commissioned by Philip II)

                              Paolo Veronese - Vision of Saint Helena, Triumph of Venice, Venus and Adonis, Last

                                             Supper renamed Feast in the House of Levi


                              Correggio - Diana Returning from the Chase, Ascension of Christ, Jupiter and Io, The

                                             Abduction of Ganymede

Mannerism (1500s)

               Jacopo da Pontormo - Joseph in Egypt, Holy Family with Saints, Deposition

               Rosso Fiorentino - Descent from the Cross, Dead Christ with Angels

               Giulio Romano - Martyrdom of St. Stephen, finished Battle of Constantine and Apparition of the

                              Cross for Raphael

               Parmigianino - Madonna and Child with St. Margaret and Other Saints, Madonna with the Long

                              Neck, Cupid Sharpening His Bow

               Agnolo Bronzino - (Tuscan High Mannerism) Christ in Limbo, Portrait of a Young Man

Baroque (1600s)

               Annibale Carracci - Romulus cycle, Flight to Egypt, ceiling of Galleria of Palazzo Farnese,

                              Sacrifice of Isaac

               Domenichino - Last Communion of St. Jerome

               (Michelangelo Merisi) Caravaggio - The Calling of St. Matthew, Conversion of St. Paul, David

                              with the Head of Goliath, Crucifixion of St. Peter, Flagellation of Christ, Burial of St. Lucy

               Guido Reni - ceiling fresco Aurora at Casino Rospigliosi in Rome

               Guercino - ceiling fresco Aurora at Villa Ludovisi in Rome, Burial of St. Petronilla

Rococo (1700s)

               Giovanni Battista Tiepolo - Apotheosis of Francesco Barbaro, Triumph of Faith, Spain and Her


               Canaletto - views (vedutas) of Venice, Warwick Castle

               Bernardo Bellotto - View of the Tiber with Sant Angelo

Macchiaioli (1800s)

               Giovanni Boldini

               Giovanni Fattori



Japanese Painters

Ukiyo-e School

               Katsushika Hokusai - Vies of Mount Fuji, The Wave



Mexican Painters

Muralists (1900s)

               Diego Rivera - (married artist Frida Kahlo) Siege of Tenochtitlan, La Civilizicion Tarasca

               Jose Orozco - Coming of Quetzalcotl, Return of Quetzalcotl, Modern Industrial Man, The

                              Dispossessed, Man in His Four Aspects, Man of Fire

Surrealism (1900s)

               Frida Kahlo - (married muralist Diego Rivera, painted many self-portraits)



Norweigan Painters

Expressionism (1900s)

               Edvard Munch - The Scream, The Sick Child, The Bridge, Between Clock and Bed



Russian Painters

Abstract Art (1900s)

               Wassily Kandinsky - A Teacher at Bauhaus, Improvisations Series, Circle and Square,

                              Composition VIII

Surrealism (1900s)

               Marc Chagall - Self Portrait with 7 Fingers, I and the Village, Creation of Man, Candles in the

                              Dark, Mein Leben, The Praying Jew

Supremitism (1900s)

               Kazimir Malevich - White Square on White Background, White on White, Black Quadrilateral



Spanish Painters

Mannerism (1500s-1600s)

               El Greco (Domenikos Theotokopoulos of Crete) - The Burial of Count of Orgaz, View of Toledo,

                              Disrobing of Christ, Agony in the Garden, Assumption of the Virgin, The Opening of the Fifth Seal,

                              The Triumph of the Holy League

Baroque (1600s)

               Diego Velazquez - (court painter for Philip IV of Spain) Triumph of Bacchus (The Drunkards),

                              Maids of Honor (Las meninas), The Surrender of Breda, The Water Seller of Seville, The Spinners

                              (The Fable of Arachne), Innocent X

               Bartolome Esteban Murillo - The Immaculate Conception, Young Beggar

               Jusepe de Ribera - St. Sebastian Transfixed with Arrows, The Clubfooted Boy

Rococo (1700s)

               Francisco Jose de Goya - (court painter to Charles III and Charles IV) Third of May 1808, Family

                              of Charles IV, Maja Nude, The Caprices, The Black Paintings, Witches' Sabbath, Saturn

                              Devouring His Children, The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters

Cubism and Surrealism (1900s)

               Pablo Picasso - Guernica, Absinthe Drinker, Saltimbanques, The Old Guitarist (Blue Period), Two

                              Acrobats and a Dog (Rose Period), Two Youths (Classical Period), Self-Portrait (Iberian Period),

                              Les demoiselles d'Avignon (African Period), Houses on the Hill (Analytical Cubism), Guitar Sheet

                              Music and Wine Glass (Synthetic Cubism), Harlequin (Construction Period), The Pipes of Pan

                              (Classical Period), Nude in an Armchair (Cubism and Surrealism)

               Salvador Dali - Persistence of Memory, Metamorphosis of Narcissus, Sacrament of the Last

                              Supper, Crucifixion



Swiss Painters

Expressionism (1900s)

               Paul Klee - Dance Monster to my Soft Song, Ad Parnassum, Death and Fire, Twittering Machine, Pastoral







American Architects

William Thornton (1700s) - US Capitol

James Hoban (1700s) - White House

Thomas Jefferson (1700s-1800s) - Monticello, University of Virginia

Samuel McIntire (1700s-1800s) - Federal style buildings in Salem

Benjamin Latrobe (1700s-1800s) - Virginia state capitol, Bank of Pennsylvania, Bank of the United States,

               Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, rebuilt Capitol after 1814 burning

John Augustus Roebling and Washington Augustus Roebling (1800s) - Brooklyn Bridge

Charles Bulfinch (1800s) - Capitol Rotunda

Henry Holson Richardson (1800s) - Trinity Church in Boston

George Goethals (1900s) - Panama Canal

Louis Sullivan (1900s) - skyscrapers, including Wainwright Building in St. Louis, Guaranty Building in

               Buffalo, Carson Pirie Scott Department Store in Chicago

Frank Lloyd Wright (1900s) - Guggenheim Museum, Fallingwater, Robie House, Taliesin, Usonian

               Houses, Imperial Hotel in Tokyo

Philip C. Johnson (1900s) - Glass House in New Canaan CT, Seagram Building in NYC (with Mies van

               der Rohe), AT&T Building in NYC, Transco Tower in Houston, Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe (German-1900s) - German Pavilion at 1929 Barcelona exhibition, Seagram

               Building in NYC (with Philip Johnson), Tugendhat House, Farnsworth House, advocated International Style

               and led Bauhaus, Lake Shore Drive Apartments (Chicago)

Louis I. Kahn (1900s) - Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth

Ieoh Ming Pei (1900s) - (born in Canton) John Hancock Building in Boston, Mile High Center in Denver,

               Bank of China in Hong Kong, Holocaust Memorial in Washington, Rock and Role Hall of Fame in Cleveland

Minoru Yamasaki (1900s) - World Trade Center



Brazilian Architects

Oscar Niemeyer (1900s) - Brasilia



British Architects

Inigo Jones (1600s) - Queen's House at Greenwich, Banqueting House at Whitehall, Covent

               Garden, restored St. Paul's Cathedral

Christopher Wren (1600s-1700s) - rebuilt parts of London after 1666 fire; St. Paul's Cathedral, Sain Mary-

               le-Bow church, Saint Stephen's, Saint Clement Dane's, Saint James's, Sheldonian Theatre, Trinity College

               library, Hapton Court Palace, Chelsea Hospital, Greenwich Observatory, Greenwich Hospital

John Vanbrugh (1700s) - Castle Howard (with Nicholas Hawksmoor), Queen's Theater, Blenheim


Richard Boyle, 3rd earl of Burlington (1700s) - villa at Chiswick

John Wood (1700s) - Queen Square, Circus, Prior Park, Royal Crescent

John Nash (1800s) - Regent's Park, Trafalgar Square, redesign of Buckingham Palace, Royal Pavilion at Brighton

Joseph Paxton (1800s) - Crystal Palace

John Soane (1700s-1800s) - Bank of England, Dulwich Art Museum, London home

AWN Pugin and Charles Barry (1800s) - Houses of Parliament

Charles Rennie Mackintosh (1900s) - Glasgow School of Art



Danish Architects

Jorn Utzon (1900s) - Sydney Opera House



Finnish Architects

Eero Saarinen (1900s) - Dulles Airport in Washington, Gateway Arch in St. Louis, TWA terminal at JFK, Kresege

               Auditorium (MIT)

Alvar Aalto (1900s) - Baker House (MIT)



French Architects

Salomon da Brosse (1600s) - Luxembourg Palace, hunting lodge at Versailles

Claude Perrault (1600s) - east facade of the Louvre, Paris Observatory

Louis Le Vau and Jules Hardouin-Mansart (1600s) - Versailles

Andre Le Notre (1600s) - landscape of Versailles, landscape of Chateau Vaux-le-Vicomte

Jacques Ange Gabriel (1700s) - Opera House at Versailles, Ecole Militare, Place de la Concorde, Petit

               Trianon at Versailles

Etienne-Louis Boullee (1700s) - Hotel de Brunoy, planned monument to Newton

Claude-Nicholas Ledoux (1700s) - 65 barrieres tollhouses, theater at Besancon

Gustave Alexandre Eiffel (1800s) - Eiffel Tower (1889)

Ferdinand Marie de Lesseps (1800s) - Suez Canal

Charles Garnier (1800s) - Paris Opera

Auguste Perret (1900s) - apartment building on Rue Franklin, Theatre des Champs-Elysees

Le Corbusier (1900s) - Chandigarh Punjab India, Palace of the League of Nations in Geneva, UN

               Secretariat Building, Villa Savoye, chapel at Ronchamp, La Tourette Dominican monastery, Notre Dame

               du Haut



German Architects

Balthasar Neumann (1700s) - Residenz at Wurzburg, church of Gossweinstein, Vierzehnheiligen church

               (Fourteen Saints), Marienkirche near Wurzburg, abbey church of Neresheim

Karl Frederich Schinkel (1800s) - Berlin Schauspielhaus theater, Museum am Lustgarten

Walter Gropius (1900s) - first director of Bauhaus school, Siedlungen low-cost housing, International Style



Greek Architects

Ictinus and Callicrates (400s BC) - Parthenon

Mnesicles (400s BC) - Propylaea

Unknown (400s BC) Erechtheum

Pytheous (300s BC) - Mausoleum at Halicarnassus (for King Mausolus of Caria)

Polyclitus the Younger (300s BC) - Theater at Epidaurus

Hippodamus of Miletus (400s BC) - right-angled street city plans at Piraeus and Thurii



Italian Architects

Filippo Brunelleschi (1400s) - Duomo (Florence Gothic Cathedral), Medici Church of San Lorenzo,

               Ospedale degli Innocenti, Church of Santa Maria degli Angeli, the Basilica of Santo Spirito, Pazzi Chapel

Michelozzo (1400s) - Florence Baptistery, San Giorgio Maggiore Library, Medici-Riccardi Palace,

               Convent of San Marco, Palazzo Vecchio (Florence city hall), Duomo architect

Leon Battista Alberti (1400s) - Church of San Francesco at Rimini, Palazzo Rucellai, rebuilt St. Peter's

               Basilica, Santa Maria Novella in Florence

Donato Bramante (1400s) - Church of Santa Maria presso Santo Satiro in Milan, Santa Maria delle Grazie

               in Milan, Tempietto of San Pietro in Montorio, started to rebuild St. Peter's Church and the Vatican Palace

Raphael (1500s) - St. Peter's Basilica, Chigi Chapel in the Church of Santa Maria del Popolo

Giulio Romano (1500s) - drainage of Mantua, Palazzo del Te in Mantua, Church of San Petronino

Michelangelo (1500s) - Tomb of Julius II, Church of San Lorenzo in Florence, Piazza del Campidoglio in

               Rome, St. Peter's Basilica

Giacomo della Porta (1500s) - laid out streets in Rome for Sixtus V, Vatican Library, Lateran Palace,

               moved an obelisk and finished a dome at St. Peter's Basilica, Acqua Paolo Fountain, royal palace in Naples

Andrea Palladio (1500s) - Basilica of Vicenza; Barbarano Chieregati, Tiene, Porto, and Valmarana palaces

               in Vicenza; Villa Capri; San Francesco della Vigna, San Giorgio Maggiore, and Il Redentore churches in

               Venice; Teatro Olimpico in Vicenza

Sebastiano Serlio (1500s) - wrote the Book of Architecture

Giovanni Lorenzo Bernini (1600s) - Tomb of Urban VIII, Tomb of Alexandre VII, Palazzo Ludovisi in

               Rome, Palazzo Chigi in Rome, Castelgandolfo church, Ariccia church, Sant Andrea al Quirinale church in

               Rome Piazza San Pedro, Royal Staircase at St. Peter's, Fountain of the Four Rivers



Spanish Architects

Antoni Gaudi (Spanish, 1900s) - Casa Mila, Iglesia di Sagrada Familia







American Sculptors

Frederick Remington (1800s-1900s) - Bronco Buster

Gutzon Borglum (1900s) - Mount Rushmore

Alexander Calder (1900s) - mobiles and stabiles, Horizontal Yellow



Dutch Sculptors

Claus Slater (1300s) - The Well of Moses, tomb of Philip the Bold



French Sculptors

Nicholas of Verdun (1100s) - goldsmith; pulpit at Kosterneuburg, Shrine of St. Mary

Germain Pilon (1500s) - tomb of Henry II and Catherine de' Medici, St. Francis in Ecstasy

Jean-Antoine Houdon (1700s-1800s) - Denis Diderot, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Benjamin Franklin,

               Voltaire, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson

Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux (1800s) - La Danse

Frederic Auguste Bartholdi (1800s) - The Statue of Liberty (with interior pylon by Gustave Eiffel and base

               by Robert Morris Hunt), Lion of Belfort

Auguste Rene Rodin (1800s-1900s) - Man with the Broken Nose, The Age of Bronze, St. John the Baptist,

               The Gates of Hell (for Musee des Artes Decoratifs, including The Inferno, The Kiss, Ugolino, The Thinker,

               Adam, Eve), The Burghers of Calais, Balzac

Aristide Maillot (1900s) - The Mountain, The Mediterranean

Constantin Brancusi (1900s) - (born in Romania) Sleeping Muse, Bird in Space, The Kiss



Greek and Roman Sculptors

Daedalus (600s BC)

Phidias (400s BC) - Zeus at Olympia, Athena Parthenos at the Parthenon, Miltiades at Athens

Myron of Eleutherae (400s BC) - Discobolus (Discus Thrower)

Polyclitus of Argos (400s BC) - Doryphorus (Spear Bearer)

Paionius (400s BC) - Nike

Praxiteles (300s BC) - Aphrodite of Cnidus, Hermes Holding the Infant Dionysus

Lysippus (300s BC) - Apoxyomenos (Youth Scraping Himself Clean)

Scopas (300s BC) - Battle of the Greeks and Amazons at Mausoleum at Halicarnassus

Unknown (200s BC) - Nike of Samothrace

Unknown (200s BC) - The Barberini Faun

Epigonus of Pergamum (200s BC) - The Dying Gaul

Unknown (100s BC) - Venus de Milo

Archelaos of Priene (100s BC) - The Apotheosis of Homer

Agesander, Athenodorus, and Polydorus (100s BC) - Laocoon and His Sons

Apollonius of Athens (0s AD) - The Belvedere Torso

Apollodorus of Damascus (100s AD) - The Column of Trajan, Basilica Ulpia

Glycon (200s AD) - Farnese Heracles



Italian Sculptors

Nicola and (son) Giovanni Pisano (1200s) - Hercules, Virgin Mary, works at Siena and Pisa cathedrals

Andrea Pisano (1300s) - Florentine Baptistry

Jacobo della Quercia (1400s) - Fonte Gaia at Siena, Zacharias in the Temple

Ghiberti (1400s) - San Giovanni Florentine Baptistry including Gates of Paradise

Donatello (1400s) - St. Mark, St. George, John the Evangelist, Joshua, David, Miracles of St. Anthony,

               Judith and Holofernes, Gattamelata, Zuccone

Andrea del Verrocchio (1400s) - equestrian of Bartolomeo Colleoni, David, Boy with a Dolphin

Michelangelo (1500s) - Pieta, David, tomb of Julius II (including Moses, Dying Slave, and Rebellious Slave)

Benvenuto Cellini (1500s) - Nymph of Fontainebleau, Perseus and Medusa

Giambologna (1500s) - (born in Flanders) Fountain of Neptune, flying Mercury, Rape of the Sabine Woman

Gianlorenzo Bernini (1600s) - Abduction of Proserpina, Cathedra Petri (Chair of St. Peter), Ecstasy of St.

               Teresa, Damned Soul, Blessed Soul, Fountain of the Four Rivers, Bust of the Savior



Spanish Sculptors

Pablo Picasso (1900s) - Bather, Wire Construction, Head of a Woman, assemblages