Workshop on Logic and Intelligent Interaction
August 11 - 15, 2008


Logic and Intelligent Interaction

There is a fast-growing interest in logics that deal with intelligent interaction in communities of agents. There is also a fast-growing jungle of formal systems. The workshop is dedicated to promising recent convergences, trying to foster a common sense of what is going on. The sessions will address five core themes in rational agency:

  1. Dynamic and temporal logics of rational agency: Connections between temporal frameworks (interpreted systems, epistemic temporal logic) and dynamic epistemic logics.
  2. Merging belief revision and information update: Connections between AGM-style belief revision theory, dynamic logics of information, and learning theory.
  3. Dynamic logics of preference change and aggregation: Connections between preference logic, dynamic deontic logic, and multi-agent preference merge.
  4. Logics of games and strategies: Connections between modal approaches to games and strategies, and proof/category- theoretic approaches.
  5. Logics of collective attitudes and social action: Connections between dynamic logics, judgment aggregation, and social choice, around themes such as collective agency and deliberation.