Repressed experiments for module 454

Experiment nameClinical attributes
Armstrong01_ALL_20Acute lymphocytic leukemia (Leukemia), B cells (Leukemia), Bone marrow (Leukemia), Lymphocytes (Leukemia), Acute leukemia (Leukemia*), Hematologic cancer (Leukemia*), Cancer (Leukemia*), Leukemia (Leukemia*), Monocytes (Leukemia*), Hematologic samples and cell lines (Leukemia*), Hematologic cancer and cell line (Leukemia*), Cancer and cell line (Leukemia*), Leukemia or leukemia cell line (Leukemia*), Acute lymphocytic leukemia - ALL1 sub class (Leukemia)
Chen02_Met_Colon_Cancer_SF5Adenocarcinoma (Liver cancer), Cancer and cell line (Liver cancer), Cancer (Liver cancer), Colon cancer metastasis to liver (Liver cancer), Colon tissue, cancer or cell line (Liver cancer), Colon cancer (Liver cancer), Colon cancer or cell line (Liver cancer), Metastasis (Liver cancer)