Gal Chechik CV

The AI Lab
Computer Science department
353 Serra Mall
Stanford University
Stanford, CA 94305

2003-2007 Postdoctoral fellow, Stanford University , Dept. of computer science, with Prof. Daphne Koller.

1998-2003 Ph.D. Computational Neuroscience . The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. The Interdisciplinary Center for Neural Computation. Advisors: Prof. N. Tishby and Prof. I. Nelken. Thesis title: Information Theoretic Approach to the Study of Auditory Coding.

2002 NATO Advanced Studies Institute in Learning Theory and Practice, Leuven, Belgium.

1999 Marine Biological Laboratories, WoodsHole MA. Summer institute: Methods in computational neuroscience. (with scholarship)
1996-1997 M.Sc. Computer sciences. (Summa Cum Laude) Tel Aviv university, The program for fostering the excellence. Advisors: Prof. Eytan Ruppin and Prof. Isaac Meilijson. Thesis title: Computational Aspects of Synaptic Pruning.
1993-1996 B.Sc. Mathematics and Computer sciences. (Summa Cum Laude) Tel Aviv university,The program for fostering the excellence.
1996 Dartmouth College, NH. McDonnell Summer institute in Cognitive Neuroscience (with scholarship)
1994 Weizmann Institute, Brain research center. Psychophysics of the visual system laboratory. Summer student under the supervision of Prof. D. Sagi.

2009-2011 Alon fellowship .

2008 Complexity fellowship (fund defaulted) .

2004 Fullbright postdoctoral fellowship (declined).

2000-2003 Israeli-ministry of science. Eshkol foundation. Three years research grant for PhD students.

2001-2002 Intel-Dean prize for outstanding PhD research.

1999 Wolf foundation grant for PhD students.

1998-2000 The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Full Ph.D. scholarship and stipend.

1997 Tel-Aviv University, School of Mathematical Sciences. Prize for excellent M.Sc. thesis.

1997,2003 Weizmann Institute, The Aharon Katzir Center, Training grant for M.Sc. (1997) and PhD (2003) students.

1996 Benin Foundation, Scholarship for excellence.

1993-1996 Tel-Aviv University, The Interdisciplinary Program for Fostering the Excellence. Four year merit based scholarship and stipend.

Professional activities
Reviewer, Journals J. Machine Learning Research, Machine learning journal, Neural Computation, IEEE-Transactions on Neural networks, IEEE-Transactions on Pat. Rec. Information Systems, Network: Computaion in neural networks, Genome Biology, BMC bioinformatics, BMC Neuroscience, PLoS Comp Biology



Organizer NIPS computational biology workshop, 2004, 2006

Editor BMC Bioinformatics special issue of the NIPS computational biology workshop, 2004, 2006

1999-2003 The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, The Center for Neural Computation. Teaching assistance (frontal lectures) in a graduate course: Information, Computation and Learning

2000 Tel-Aviv University, Computational Neuroscience group. Mini-course on fundamentals of information theory

1996 Tel-Aviv University, Dept of Physiology and Pharmacology. Teaching assistance in the graduate course: "Computational modeling in neural systems".