h2. HOWTO Make Videos from Talks and Presentations (Still-in-progress) Disseminating research in a comprehensive manner is a matter of great importance, more so today with easy access to similar work and information overload. Very often, I have myself abandoned reading many papers for the lack of either: clarity in writing, absence of supporting material or no reproducible results. I am making a small step towards personal corrective action by writing this tutorial on how to record videos in Powerpoint for your talks. I am going to provide a bare bones method because I think it has low potential barrier (so no more excuses!) and it would perhaps take only 10 minutes of work over and above the time of the talk. h4. Step 1 Make your slides and open them in Powerpoint. INSERT IMAGE HERE h4. Step 2 ROADbblock: office for MAC doesnt allow for this. Write up for windows and then we will find a solution or a script for creating videos in mac
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