Fight Advertising!

Introduction / Dogma

Advertising, in all its insidious forms, is invading our lives in many ways, from website banners to direct marketing (by mail and phone) to logos on student ID cards and public library cards. When is that last time you saw whitespace? Even the floor of your local grocery store has been converted into a billboard. Now, advertisers will tell you that you benefit, not only from the "information" that they provide, but from the various events and services that are funded by advertising and that you enjoy "free". Well, as everyone knows, nothing is free, ever. We're all paying constantly, in two ways:

Pay for what you use

Now, are there alternatives to the current state of affairs? I suggest one: PAY FOR WHAT YOU USE.

Direct action

How else can we fight the advertising trend? We must make the advertising itself unprofitable. Here are a couple of ways that work: