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Word-Sense Disambiguation for Machine Translation (2005)

by D. Vickrey, L. Biewald, M. Teyssier, and D. Koller

Abstract: In word sense disambiguation, a system attempts to determine the sense of a word from contextual features. Major barriers to building a high-performing word sense disambiguation system include the difficulty of labeling data for this task and of predicting fine-grained sense distinctions. These issues stem partly from the fact that the task is being treated in isolation from possible uses of automatically disambiguated data. In this paper, we consider the related task of word translation, where we wish to determine the correct translation of a word from context. We can use parallel language corpora as a large supply of partially labeled data for this task. We present algorithms for solving the word translation problem and demonstrate a significant improvement over a baseline system. We then show that the word-translation system can be used to improve performance on a simplified machine translation task and can effectively and accurately prune the set of candidate translations for a word.

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D. Vickrey, L. Biewald, M. Teyssier, and D. Koller (2005). "Word-Sense Disambiguation for Machine Translation." Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing (EMNLP). pdf

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