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CGTComputational Game Theory   TCSTheoretical Computer Science
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topics: CGTTCS

J   D. Koller and N. Megiddo (1994). "Constructing Small Sample Spaces Satisfying Given Constraints." Siam Journal on Discrete Mathematics, 7(2), 260-274. Full version of paper in STOC '93. bib/abs pdf ps.gz
topics:    TCS

C   D. Koller, N. Megiddo, and B. von Stengel (1994). "Fast Algorithms for Finding Randomized Strategies in Game Trees." Proceedings of the 26th ACM Symposium on Theory of Computing (STOC '94) (pp. 750-759). bib/abs pdf ps.gz
topics: CGT TCS

C   D.R. Karger and D. Koller (1994). "(De)randomized construction of small sample spaces in NC." Proceedings of the 35nd Annual Symposium on the Foundations of Computer Science (FOCS) (pp. 252-263). [newer version, 1997]bib/abs pdf ps.gz
topics:    TCS

J   D.R. Karger, D. Koller, and S. J. Phillips (1993). "Finding the hidden path: time bounds for all-pairs shortest paths." SIAM Journal on Computing, 22(6), 1199-1217. Full version of paper in FOCS '91. bib/abs pdf ps.gz
topics:    TCS

J   D. Koller and N. Megiddo (1992). "The complexity of two-person zero-sum games in extensive form." Games and Economic Bahavior, 4(4), 528-552. bib/abs pdf
topics: CGT TCS

J   A. Bar-Noy, D. Dolev, D. Koller, and D. Peleg (1991). "Fault-tolerant critical section management in asynchronous environments." Information and Computation, 91(1), 1-20. Full version of paper in WDAG '89. bib
topics:    TCS

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