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J   A.H. Beck, A.R. Sangoi, S. Leung, R.J. Marinelli, T.O. Nielsen, M.J. van de Vijver, R.B. West, M. van de Rijn, and D. Koller (2011). "Systematic Analysis of Breast Cancer Morphology Uncovers Stromal Features Associated with Survival." Science Translational Medicine, 3(108). bib html
topics: BM         

J   J. Laserson, V. Jojic, and D. Koller (2011). "Genovo: De Novo Assembly For Metagenomes." Journal of Computational Biology, 18(3), 429-43. bib pdf
topics: BM         

J   S. Saria, A.K. Rajani, J. Gould, D. Koller, and A.A. Penn (2010). "Integration of early physiological responses predicts later illness severity in preterm infants." Science Translational Medicine, 2(48). bib html
topics: BM         

J   A.J. Battle, M. Jonikas, P. Walter, J. Weissman, and D. Koller (2010). "Automated identification of pathways from quantitative genetic interaction data." Molecular Systems Biology, 6, 379. bib pdf
topics: BM         

J   F. Moussavi, G. Heitz, F. Amat, L.R. Comolli, D. Koller, and M.A. Horowitz (2010). "3D Segmentation of Cell Boundaries from Whole Cell Cryogenic Electron Tomography Volumes." Journal of Structural Biology, 170(1), 134-145. bib html
topics: BM    RP   

J   M.E. Hillenmeyer, E. Ericson, R.W. Davis, C. Nislow, D. Koller, and G. Giaever (2010). "Systematic analysis of genome-wide fitness data reveals novel gene function and drug action." Genome Biology, 11(R30). bib pdf
topics: BM         

C   S. Saria, G. McElvain, A. Rajani, A. Penn, and D. Koller (2010). "Combining Structured and Free-text Data for Automatic Coding of Patient Outcomes." Proceedings of the Americal Medical Informatics Association (AMIA) Annual Symposium. bib
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