Trek Around Djebel Mgoun (October 2003)


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These are photos of a short trek that I did alone around Djebel Mgoun in October 2003. I started the trek at the small village of Tatrarat (south of Djebel Mgoun, north of Skoura). I crossed the Atlas range at the pass between Djebels Mgoun and Oumassine, to reach the source of Oued Tessaout. From there I crossed Tizi-n-Oumsoud (pass) and went down along Assif Oulilimt (river) to the village of El Mrabitine. Then I successively crossed Tizi-n-Issouka and Tizi-n-Ait-Ahmed before reaching the villages of Imeskar et Tahtani and Amajgag (end of the trek).


Views from locations above the village of Tatrarat.



Djebel Mgoun, 4068m.


Along Assif Oulilimt.






Village of El Mrabitine in the morning.




View of Jebel Waougoulzat above the village of El Mrabitine.


Views over the beautiful Mgoun valley, with Jebel Waougolzat in the backbround, while climbing toward Tizi-n-Ait-Ahmed.








View toward the south from Tizi-n-Ait-Ahmed (Djebel Sahro is in the background).


Azibs (shepherd houses) during the descent from the pass.



Village of Imeskar et Tahtani.


Gorge of Assif Imeskar before reaching Amajgag.


Inside a Kasbah.



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