Trek around Cordillera Huayhuash


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These are photos of the trek around the Cordillera Huayhuash that I did with my son Emmanuel, Emilio Alvarado Fabián, and his son Peter in August 2003.


View from Cordillera Huayhuash from above the village of Chiquian.



Start of the trek: The village of Llamac.


Emilio and Emmanuel in the village of Palca.


Valley of Q. Caliente and Laguna Pucacocha from Cacanpunta (pass).



Laguna Mitacocha.



Left: Laguna Carhuacocha. Right: Lagunas Quesillococha, Siula, and Gangrajanca (from front to back); the peak at the center is Jirishanca.


Near Punta Carnicero under the snow.



Punta Cuyoc.


Nevados Puscanturpa Sur.


View toward the south from Cerro San Antonio, with the spires of the west side of Nevados Puscanturpa on the left.


View toward the north from Cerro San Antonio, with Laguna Jurau at the bottom and Nevadas Sarapo, 6127m (center left) and Carnicero, 5960m (center right).


Laguna Susucocha.


Below Laguna Susucocha.


First trees of the trek, before reaching Punta Laucho.


Facing Yerupaja, after crossing Punta Laucho.


Descent toward Laguna Jahuacocha.


Sumptuous Laguna Jahuacocha.



Terrasses along Rio Achin viewed from far above, before descending toward Llamac.


Pachamanca at Emilio’s house.


Emmanuel trains for his new job.



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