Japan (October 2016): Fifteen Days in Central Japan


[This banner is a photo collage of paintings decorating Daimon, the main gate marking the western entrance of Koyasan.]

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During the past 40 years I have been several times to Japan, mostly on short work-related trips. This 2016 trip was only my second leisure trip to Japan, many years after the first one in 1984 (see here for photos of this previous trip, which included Kyoto, Nara, Hiroshima, and Kyushu). In 2016 I skipped large cities (except Osaka, for a single day) and major touristic destinations, and went to less crowded places. The itinerary consisted of Matsumoto (2 days), Kiso Valley (3 days), Koyasan (3 days), Kumano (5 days), and finally Osaka and Nara (1.5 day), and included several hiking days. Traveling in Japan using local trains and buses turned out quite easy, even for a non-Japanese speaker. In general, Japanese people are extremely friendly and willing to help.



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Kiso Valley








Osaka and Nara






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