A Short Trip to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (January 2008):

Old Jeddah, Al Ula, and Medain Saleh 


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In January 2008, I did a business trip to Saudi Arabia. This gave me the opportunity to visit Jeddah and Medain Saleh. The following are photos of the old town of Jeddah, the oasis of Al Ula (a few kilometers south of Medain Saleh), and MedainSaleh.


Like Petra in Jordan, Medain Saleh is a Nabatean city built about 2000 years ago. It is located 400 km north of Medina and over 300 km south of Petra. It contains more than one hundred tombs carved into sandstone rock and spread over several kilometers. The tomb facades display decorations elements with Egyptian, Greek, and Roman influences. The site is surrounded by stunning sandstone walls and formations.


To reach Medain Saleh I flew from Jeddah to Medina. From Medina I took a car to Medain Saleh. I was very fortunate to visit this site without being part of an organized group. Amazingly, there was nobody else on the site. I had it all for myself.







Houses in old Jeddah.






climbing 080


climbing 093


climbing 094


Market scenes in old Jeddah.

climbing 067


climbing 063


climbing 061


climbing 091


climbing 097


climbing 099


climbing 068


climbing 084


climbing 075


climbing 232


climbing 233


climbing 234


climbing 078




Along the road between Medina and Al Ula.

climbing 104


climbing 105


climbing 112


climbing 115


climbing 114


Oasis of Al Ula.

climbing 122


climbing 123


climbing 120


climbing 125


Rock formations around Al Ula and Medain Saleh.

climbing 227


climbing 230


climbing 130


climbing 131


climbing 135


climbing 136


climbing 152


climbing 157


climbing 171


climbing 224


climbing 203


climbing 141


climbing 161

climbing 143


Some tomb clusters in Medain Saleh:


- Qasr Al Sani.

climbing 148


climbing 169


climbing 162


climbing 163


climbing 167


climbing 168


- Al Khuraymat.

climbing 184


climbing 174


climbing 172


climbing 186

climbing 189





climbing 170 - Copy

climbing 187


climbing 207

climbing 206


climbing 197


climbing 201


- Qasr Al Bint.

climbing 204


climbing 188


- Qasr Al Farid.

climbing 221


climbing 225


climbing 226


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