Sierra Nevada (California)

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Lone Pine
Bear Creek Spire
Clyde Minaret
Third Pillar of Dana
Ice couloirs on North Peak

Lone Pine (North Ridge)

Whitney (East Buttress)

The three rightmost photos have been taken by Robert S.P. Parker. (S.P. was climbing on the East Face while Kathy Cosley and I were climbing on the East Buttress.) The rightmost photo shows the East Buttress (steep headwall at the center) viewed from the North.

Russell (Fishhook Arete)

The photo on the left shows the Fishhook Arete route. Note the climber on the Fishhook Arete in the photo on the right.

Bear Creek Spire (North Arete)

Clyde Minaret (Southeast Face, Direct Route)

Photo by Dan McNamara.

Third Pillar of Dana

Mono Lake is the lake in the background.
Photo by Robert S.P. Parker. (I climbed the Third Pillar of Dana with S.P.)

Ice couloirs on North Peak

The photo on the left is by Dan McNamara. The photo on the right is by Robert S.P. Parker.

Matterhorn (East Couloir)