Spain: Andalusia (June 2007)


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Mezquita (mosque-cathedral), Cordoba.



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Ronda (located 170km south of Cordoba). The town is divided into two parts by the 100+m-deep El Tajo canyon. The chapter in Hemingway's ″For Whom the Bell Tolls″ that describes the execution of Fascist sympathizers who are thrown off a cliff is believed to have been inspired by events that took place in Ronda at the beginning of the Spanish civil war (1936-1939).


Plaza de Toros of Ronda. It is the oldest bullfighting ring in Spain. It opened in 1785.

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Typical landscape of Andalusia seen from Ronda.

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Villages of Las Alpujarras, a small range (average elevation 1200m) south of the Sierra Nevada. The original terracing and villages were the work of Berber people from North Africa, hence some similarity with villages in the Moroccan Rif.

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