Torres del Paine (February 2001)

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In February 2001, I went to Chilean Patagonia to do some climbing in the Torres del Paine area with SP Parker. Our main goal was to climb the south ridge of Cerro Fortaleza from Valle del Frances. Unfortunately, we spent a full week in the valley with almost continuous rain, snow and strong winds. We were able to do a few hikes up on the eastern sides of the valley (some actually quite steep), but we had to give up on our initial climbing plans. After Aconcagua and Fitz Roy I had been away for a long time, and I had to return home.


Panorama over lakes south of Torres del Paine National Park.


Glacier Grey.



View of Cerro Paine Grande (left), Valle del Frances (center), and Los Cuernos, with Lago Pehoe in the forefront.


Another view of Los Cuernos, with Monte Almirante Nieto on their right.


Cerro Paine Grande and Glacier Frances.


The western skyline of Valle del Frances.


The eastern skyline of Valle del Frances:

- Cerro Fortaleza seen from the south, and Cerro Espada on the far right.


- Cerro Espada (left), Cerro Hoja (center) and Cerro Mascara (right), with Cuerno Norte partially visible on the far right.


- Cueno Norte.



More photos taken while hiking up some side slopes of Valle del Frances.




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