A Short Trip to Yunnan (November 2005)


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In the streets of Dali.





Three pagodas in Dali.




Old houses in Lijiang.




Roofs of Lijiang.




Left: shopping street in Lijiang. Right: street in a village near Lijiang.


Street in villages around Lijiang.




Mountain skyline seen from Lijiang, with Jade Dragon Snow mountain (5500m) at the center.


Another view of Jade Dragon Snow mountain, from Yak meadow.



Five Fingers mountain seen from Yak meadow (north of Lijiang).



Two-day trek in the Tiger Leaping Gorge (Jinsha river):

- Start of the hike above the Jinsha river and the village of Quiaotou (on the right, but not visible in the photo).


- Successive views of the Five Fingers mountain (with the village of Yacha in the second photo).









- Views of the gorge.





- Crossing the Jinsha river to reach Daju (the end of the trek).




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