Manipulator Planning and Obstacle Avoidance Using Genetic Algorithm

Abstract and Motivation

This work has been done towards my B-Tech Project in Manipulator Planning. It is about robot path planning for redundant parallel plane serial manipulator using genetic algorithm Here I have made use of interesting chapters taught in the course: "ME 767: Evolutionary Algorithms in Engineering Design" taken by Dr. Kalyanmoy Deb, Professor, Mechanical, IIT Kanpur.

While experimenting with the "Potential Field Approach" in Manipulator Planning, we constantly felt the need of a robust Path Planning and Obstacle Avoidance algorithm. In the "Potential Field Approach", the Manipulator arm was constantly vibrating near the obstacle. We realized that it would be very impractical to implement "Potential Field Approach" for our B-Tech Project. Demonstration of robustness of Genetic Algorithm in solving various engineering problems by Dr. Deb in the lectures of Genetic Algorithm, encouraged us to use Genetic Algorithm for Path Planning and Obstacle Avoidance. Morever it gave us a chance of doing something new and innovative.


Tests & Results