class mpkObstacle

Extended Inventor node type (derived from SoSeparator) to define obstacle nodes in the scene file.


Public Methods

[more] mpkObstacle ()


mpkObstacles are found in the scene graph using an Inventor search action that looks for nodes of type mpkObstacle (see mpkObstacleCollection). For each obstacle, an individual name can be given. The following example shows how obstacles are defined in a scene file:

DEF testObst mpkObstacle {
DEF __triangulate__ File { name "obj1.iv" }
mpkTransform { translation 1 0 0 }
DEF __triangulate__ File { name "obj2.iv" }

This defines an obstacle named "testObst" whose triangles are read from the files "obj1.iv" and "obj2.iv". Since mpkObstacle is derived from SoSeparator, its internal structure in the file (its children in the scene graph) is quite flexible. Children of an mpkObstacle node whose triangles should be added to the collision model have to be named with a __triangulate__ tag.

o mpkObstacle()

This class has no child classes.
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