class mpkRobot

Extended Inventor node type (derived from SoSeparator) to define robot nodes in the scene file.


Public Fields

oSoSFEnum robotType
see mpk_robot_type.h
[more]SoSFVec3f translation
[more]SoSFVec4f rotation
[more]SoSFFloat scaleFactor
[more]SoSFString fileName
[more]SoSFString fileName2
ompkBaseRobot* robot
Pointer to robot instantiated by init().

Public Methods

[more] mpkRobot ()
ovoid init ()
Reads the link models and builds the kinematic structure of the robot according to the value in robotType. After calling init(), the pointer robot points to the instantiated robot.)


mpkRobots are found in the scene graph using an Inventor search action that looks for nodes of type mpkRobot (see mpkRobotCollection). Each robot can be given an individual name. The following shows how to defined a robot in a scene file:

DEF <name> mpkRobot {
robotType <type>
translation <x> <y> <z>
rotation <ax_x> <ax_y> <ax_z> <angle>
scaleFactor <fact>

where <type> is one of the constants defined in file mpk_robot_type.h

oSoSFVec3f translation

oSoSFVec4f rotation

oSoSFFloat scaleFactor

oSoSFString fileName

oSoSFString fileName2

o mpkRobot()

This class has no child classes.

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