Latest News


May 2021: The content of our CVPR-21 workshop L3DS concerning language and 3D scenes has been finalized! Among others, we will host a benchmark challenge for ReferIt3D: (here).

March 2021: ArtEmis keeps growing. Now it is featured in Forbes Science.

March 2021: I successfully defended my Ph.D. Thesis titled "Learning to Generate and Differentiate 3D Objects Using Geometry & Language".

March 2021: I will give a lightning talk on "Art and AI" during HAI’s Intelligence Augmentation: AI Empowering People to Solve Global Challenges.

March 2021: Our work ArtEmis: Affective Language for Visual Art is provisionally accepted as an Oral presentation in CVPR-2021.

February 2021: Our recent arXiv report (ArtEmis) attracted some media attention: New Scientist, HAI, MarkTechPost, KCBS-Radio (want to hear me talk about it? check the short interview below):

February 2021: I will co-organize the 1st Workshop on Language for 3D Scenes in CVPR 2021. We hope to spark new interest in this emerging area!

February 2021: I am initiating this "News" section. My intention is to give the gist of my (primarily) professional updates to visitors.