Thesis in a Box

Mark A. Paskin

Thesis in a Box is a LaTeX/PDF framework for easily formatting a doctoral dissertation that obeys the formatting requirements of the University of California, Berkeley.


Thesis in a Box was written to work on any Unix that has pdflatex, bibtex, makeindex, make, and some standard utilities.


This is a "final" version that I used for my thesis. I welcome any comments or suggestions.

  • the manual (which is formatted as a thesis "out of the box")
  • (the source of the manual and a Makefile to compile it)


If you plan to submit your dissertation electronically, the graduate division may complain that the hyperlinks in your PDF file are blue, not black. You can make the hyperlinks black (and therefore undetectable) by altering hyperref.cfg to have colorlinks=false instead of colorlinks=true.