Curriculum Vitae

PDF file: remeryCV.pdf

Please contact me directly at remery[at]cs[dot]cmu[dot]edu for a list of references or a copy of my cv with more contact information.

Research Interests

I am interested in designing intelligent systems that are able to function in the real world. As computing moves into the physical world, these systems can no longer rely on perfect information of their environment but instead must make decisions based on noisy sensors and incomplete information. Within multi-agent systems, additional uncertainty is introduced through the distributed nature of the agents' decision making and sensors, as well as through a finite communication bandwidth. The development of robust, real-time controllers for both single and multi-agent systems requires that all these sources of uncertainty are adequately addressed. Applications in which uncertainty plays an important role in decision making include human-robot interaction, physical robot systems, distributed sensor networks and multi-robot/agent coordination.