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This page is destined to be a work in progress for all eternity.

These are my parents:

[] This is not the best picture I have of them. As you can see, they are very proud of me.

[] This is me and my wife, Lesley. We have been married a long, long time now. 2 years, to be more precise. As you can see, I have moderately large arms.

[] This is us and our friend Jennifer. Jennifer suffers from a chronic mental condition. She attended and graduated from UCLA, the poor thing. Nonetheless, the Christian thing to do is accept her as she is and love her despite her tragic flaws.


Here I am enjoying one of my favorite pastimes, dominating my friends. In this well-taken shot (courtesy of Patrick Teo), I am waiting eons for Ken to make his move so that I may finish crushing him and go to bed. In the background sits another Ken, who had already been humbled by my chess prowess. Of course, I am not very good either, but I play a lot more than they do. They are both very nice guys.

[] One of my other favorite pastimes is convincing people I know how to play the piano. So far I have succeeded in fooling everybody except myself. I'm a tough critic. In this shot I am succeeding in fooling Ari, a wonderfully happy nutcase who is destined to lead a charmed life someday.

[] And to recap, here is my wife again, this time with Ari behind her, as well as a guy named Freddie who drinks too much coffee, and Jennifer the Bruin Lady. These five pictures were all taken on 31 May 1997 by Patrick Teo. No film was harmed in the making of these photos.

The award I'm most proud of in my academic career appears on my resume as one of the lesser ones, the USC Computer Science Department Outstanding Student Award. I was surprised to get it, because I had never even heard of it before. Turns out nobody had.

And now, for something completely different:

Comments I Have Received

This is a new feature, displaying comments from sources I will not attribute, that say what others think of me and my work.
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