STAIR Vision Library

STAIR Vision Library (v1.1) Design and API Documentation


The STAIR Vision Library (SVL) is a research and development library focused on machine learning applications in computer vision. This is reflected in the project directory structure which is aimed at allowing multiple student groups to work on different projects simultaneously while sharing the core library code. It is also reflected in the coding guidelines.

The development software repository is held at Stanford University and is available only to Stanford students. Official software releases, available to everyone, occur regularly on this website.

Directory Structure

The following represents the Stanford University STAIR Vision project repository. The STAIR Vision Library (SVL), made available publicly, represents only part of this directory tree.
bin¹² Compiled SVL libraries, applications, and projects
data¹² (empty) Recommended for storing or linking to datasets
doc SVL documentation (static copy of
experiments¹²(empty) Recommended for running experiments
external External libraries required by the STAIR Vision Library. Small libraries are included with the SVL source code. Larger libraries (OpenCV and wxWidgets) should be downloaded separately and placed (or linked) here. Under Windows, OpenCV and wxWidgets should be installed in their default system locations.
include Include directory for applications that use the SVL
models¹ Recommended for storing model files, e.g., for object detection
projects¹ Recommended for STAIR Vision group projects
sandbox¹ Individual user directories for prototypes and throw-away code
svl/apps STAIR Vision Library applications source code
svl/lib STAIR Vision Library libraries source code
svl/scripts STAIR Vision Library perl and Matlab scripts
tests SVL regression tests

¹ Indicates that the directory contents are not part of official SVL releases. The directories are under still source control at Stanford, but not available publicly.
² Indicates that directory contents are excluded from source control. Some scripts might assume that these directories exist.

SVL Libraries

SVL Applications

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SVL Scripts

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