Theory Related Software

* PlaNet: A Demonstration Package for Algorithms on Planar Networks.

* A gateway to the Guide to Available Mathematical Software (GAMS). GAMS is an on-line cross-index of mathematical and statistical software in use at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

* Info on network optimization software.

* Stony Brook Algorithms Repository

* Info on LIPSOL, (Linear programming Interior-Point SOLvers), a package for Matlab.

* LiDIA: A library for computational number theory.

* Info on C source code for general dimension convex hull and Delaunay triangulation. Includes a techreport describing the Quickhull algorithm.

* LEDA library of efficient data types and algorithms README file by Stephan Naeher. (Slow, coming from Germany.)

* For information on tech reports describing an implementation of push-relabel algorithms for the maximum flow problem and code for minimum-cost flow from Stanford, press here.

* Numerical Analysis directory at USC (including a list of free numerical computation software)

* Nina Amenta's directory of computational geometry software

* LP, The Larch Prover.

* Grail, a symbolic computation environment for finite-state machines, regular expressions, and other formal language theory objects.

* Sample traveling salesman problems.

* Stripe: Software to convert a polygonal model to triangular strips. (Also includes pointers to papers on triangular strips.)

* LINK: A software environment for discrete mathematical computation and visualization with an emphasis on graphs and hypergraphs.

* A collection of software for optimization and other areas - here.

* SoPlex - a new LP solver - here.

The MathWorks, Inc (the MATLAB people) home page.

Suresh Venkat