pedrito maynard-zhang: a sketch


i am a senior software development engineer in aws ai labs at before my current time at amazon, i was an sde at microsoft in the bing local search group. before that, i developed software at in the customer behavior group. prior to developing software, i taught as an assistant professor in the department of computer science & systems analysis at miami university in oxford, ohio. (nope, no affiliation to that other miami.) however, as much as i loved teaching there, it was just too far from the west coast and family. so here we are, back in the wonderful pacific northwest. fortunately, i've enjoyed great opportunities to teach courses at seattle university and amazon's machine learning university.

i received my phd in computer science in 2001 from the department of computer science at stanford university (and picked up a masters of science in computer science along the way). i did my bachelors in electrical engineering at walla walla university (then walla walla college), a liberal arts university in southeastern washington state.

my general technical area of expertise is artificial intelligence with an emphasis on data science, machine learning, multi-agent systems, knowledge representation and reasoning, and machine learning.

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i was born in michigan, usa. my parents are jamaican immigrants, so i am an abj. i've lived in jamaica, puerto rico, the people's republic of china, and the states of michigan, washington, california, and ohio here in the usa. i currently live in sammamish, washington, a satellite city of seattle, with my wife margaret, daughter jasmine, and son leo. i practice and teach traditional chinese martial arts; i practice chang quan (northern longfist) and pi gua zhang under master adam hsu of the adam hsu kung fu school, and moh kempo and pai hu shih under master robert jones of the academy of kempo martial arts. i also love traveling; i have visited israel, sweden, norway, italy, japan, france, mexico, canada, and others in addition to the countries i've lived in. i also passionately enjoy an eclectic variety of music (from tori amos to plumb, reba mcentire to yo-yo ma, prince to metallica, and i amplify kexp), stories (books, movies, plays, you name it), food from around the world, stimulating conversations, hiking/backpacking, and riding my motorcycle.