Augmented Wordnets

These lexical resources (and the method of their construction) are described in Semantic Taxonomy Induction from Heterogenous Evidence (ACL-06). They are automatically augmented versions of WordNet 2.1 (available at

WN 2.1 +10000 synsets: WN_plus10k.tgz
WN 2.1 +20000 synsets: WN_plus20k.tgz
WN 2.1 +30000 synsets: WN_plus30k.tgz
WN 2.1 +40000 synsets: WN_plus40k.tgz

WN 2.1 + 400,000 synsets (cropped for ./wn compatibility) : wn400k_cropped.tgz
WN 2.1 + 400,000 synsets (all, won't work with ./wn binary): wn400k_all.tgz

Installation instructions:
Each tarball contains a full set of the data files used by the standard wn and wnb executables distributed in the standard WordNet 2.1 package, as well as by common interfaces such as WordNet::QueryData and Lingua::WordNet. To install an extended Wordnet, copy the data files included in one of the above tarballs into the dict/ folder of a preexisting installation of WordNet 2.1.

Due to restrictions in the WordNet format (i.e., a synset is limited to having at most 999 direct links, and character set restrictions), only a subset of the links discussed in our paper are added in the above extended Wordnets. To receive a full version of our extended Wordnets in the BerkeleyDB format, please e-mail

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