Saturday, September 6, 2008

Superresolution For ToF-Depth Cameras

Multiple manufacturers started shipping these nice, shiny Time-of-Flight (ToF) depth cameras. They look like a webcam, but they actually return depth measurements. And they do return them at 30fps and full resolution. Unfortunately the resolution is also quite webcam like - the best model achieves 320x240, but most camera's resolution is way below.
We looked into increasing the resolution by applying a technique called superresolution, well known for color cameras. The key idea is to take multiple, slightly displaced shots from a scene and fusion them back together to one high resolution recording. Our approach will not only increase resolution, but also reduce noise, another issue with depth cameras. We presented the idea recently at CVPR'08, so check out the paper or see the poster:

(This was joint work with Christian Theobalt, James Davis and Sebastian Thrun)

Cite as:
title={High-quality Scanning using Time-Of-Flight Depth Superresolution},
author={Schuon, Sebastian and Theobalt, Christian and Davis, James and Thrun, Sebastian},
journal={CVPR Workshop on Time-of-Flight Computer Vision 2008},


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