PCCDSolver Class Reference

#include <PIKAlgorithms.h>

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Detailed Description

Contains methods to perform cyclic coordinate descent (CCD) for loop closure.

Public Member Functions

 PCCDSolver (PChain *loop, PAtom *effectorPrior, PAtom *effectorEnd, Vector3 goalPrior, Vector3 goalEnd)
Real DoDescent ()
void GetGoals (Vector3 &goalPrior, Vector3 &goalEnd)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

PCCDSolver::PCCDSolver ( PChain loop,
PAtom effectorPrior,
PAtom effectorEnd,
Vector3  goalPrior,
Vector3  goalEnd 

Constructs a new PCCDSolver.

Member Function Documentation

Real PCCDSolver::DoDescent (  ) 

Performs one iteration of the CCD algorithm. Returns the sum of squares of the distances between the end effectors and their goals.

void PCCDSolver::GetGoals ( Vector3 &  goalPrior,
Vector3 &  goalEnd 

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