A Quick Ascent of Mount Ararat (September 2009)


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I climbed Mt. Ararat (5137m) with Cuma Saltik, a local guide, and a group of four Ukrainians. We followed the normal route on the South side of the mountain. On day 1, we drove from Dogubayazit to the trailhead at about 2200m. We hiked to Camp 1 at 3200m. On day 2, we hiked to Camp 2 at 4000m. On day 3, we started climbing early, we summitted around 8-9am, and we returned to Dogubayazit in the afternoon. Unfortunately, we had bad weather most of the time, especially on summit day. We arrived at the summit under a snow storm and we could not see the panorama around Mt. Ararat.

Cuma Saltik was born on the slopes of Mt. Ararat, which he climbed numerous times. I highly recommend him. His email is Cuma_3 atsign hotmail. His phone number is 90-544-638-8211.


Mt. Ararat on the first morning. On the previous evening a big storm had dropped much snow on the mountain.



One of the many shepherds below Camp 1


Reaching Camp 1


Evening light at Camp 1


Camp 2


At the summit, on a bad day



Before and after climbing Mt. Ararat, I traveled through South and East Turkey. These are some pictures.

The Gypsy Girl, a mosaic at the Archeological Museum of Gaziantep


The pool of Abraham in Sanliurfa


An old caravanserail/han (storage depot) transformed into tea and coffee houses in Diyarbakir


The Armenian Church of the Holy Cross located on a small island in Lake Van


Ishak Pasha Palace a few miles from Dogubayazit


Old fortress near Ishak Pasha Palace


A building in Erzurum. The United States are not the only place where there are many lawyers.

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