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(Crossing the balconies of snow and ice of Amphu Lapsta, Nepal, 2012.)



˝It is not men who go to high mountains who seek escape, but the people who never remove themselves from a crowded and noisy atmosphere of work and play.˝

From ˝Alone to Everest˝, by Earl Denman (first published in the 1950s).


˝The act of seeing is no small thing. To see something is to be possessed by it. Sometimes it carries off a part of you, sometimes it's your whole soul.˝

From ˝Landscapes of the Heart˝, by Motojiro Kajii (1901-1932).


Here are the pdf files of travel books I created between 2020 and 2023:




Belonging in a World
of Diversity

(September 2020)

Religious Sites
Around the World

(November 2020)

The World on Foot

(February 2021)

Faces and Gazes

(March 2021)










Pictures from Impermanence

(April 2021)

Travels (1967-2021)

(October 2021)

These Walls Speak!

(October 2022)

Journeys Where
Time Is Abolished

(September 2023)


This site shows pictures (taken over a 55+ years period, from 1967 to now) of climbs, treks and trips I made in Central Asia (Nepal, Tibet, Xinjiang, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan), South and East Asia (Pakistan, India, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Japan), Middle-East (Turkey, Iran, Kuwait, Iraq, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia), Europe (France, Italy, Portugal, Spain), Africa (Morocco, Algeria, Egypt, Sudan, South Sudan, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Eritrea, Ethiopia), North and Central America (United States, Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, Panama), and South America (Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile).


In the rest of this page trips are listed by categories (high peaks, rock and ice climbing, ski mountaineering, trekking, and other trips). To see them sorted by countries, click here. Another category of photos, called ″Faces of My Trips″, is available at the bottom of this page.


For people who visit my webpage regularly, here are the most recent sets of photos (since 2012) listed by years and countries:

- 2024: Mexico, United States (NH and ME)

- 2023: United States (New Orleans, LA), United States (San Luis Obispo area, CA), United States (Death Valley NP and around, CA), Morocco, United States (ME, NH, and VT), Uzbekistan, France, Nepal, United States (Santa Clara Mission, CA)

- 2022: United States (Pinnacles NP), United States (Death Valley NP), France, Morocco, United States (New Hampshire, Maine), United States (Sierra Nevada, White Mountains), India, Mexico

- 2021: United States (Central California), United States (Maine), Mexico

- 2020: Morocco, France, United States, Algeria(1973)**, Italy(1975)**, France(1975)**, Morocco(1977)**, Pakistan(1970)***, Afghanistan(1970)***, Indonesia(1972)***

** In May 2020 I posted photos of various old trips: Algeria, Italy (Aeolian Islands), France (Corsica′s GR20), Morocco (trek in the High Atlas south of Beni Mellal).

*** In June and July 2020 I revised the pages of my 1970 trip to Pakistan and Afghanistan and 1972 trip to Sulawesi (Indonesia). The new pages contain more and better processed photos, and new comments.

- 2019: Ethiopia(1973)*, Mexico(1), Japan, Canada, France, India(1), Saudi Arabia(2008)**, India(2), United States, Mexico(2)

* In February 2019 I revised the pages of my 1973 trip to Ethiopia, which remains my most memorable trip. The new pages include re-scanned and better processed photos, more photos, and additional comments.

** In October 2019 I revised the page of my 2008 trip to Al Ula and Median Saleh (Hegra) in Saudi Arabia. The new page contains additional and better processed photos.

- 2018: France, Colombia, Panama, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Portugal, United States, India, Japan, Taiwan, Mexico, Indonesia

- 2017: Ethiopia, Mexico, Japan, Taiwan, Morocco, France, United States, Tajikistan, Turkey, Nepal, Mexico, France

- 2016: France, Chile, Nepal, Morocco, India, Canada, Japan, Taiwan, Mexico

- 2015: Ethiopia, France, Chile, Taiwan, Indonesia, Mexico, United States

- 2014: Mexico, Iran, Morocco, Guatemala, Nepal, Singapore, Taiwan

- 2013: Mexico, Ethiopia, Morocco, India, Nepal, Ethiopia

- 2012: Ethiopia, Peru, Nepal, Uzbekistan, Nepal


High peaks (sorted by countries):



United States, Washington (1993-1994): Rainier (4300m), Baker (3286m)




United States, California (1993-...): Shasta (4322m; 9 times, including 2 solos of Casaval Ridge), Whitney (4418m; 4 times), Russell (4294m), Dana (3990m; twice), Lamark (4090m), Morgan-South (3987m), Lone Pine (3945m), Clyde Minaret (3738m), Sill (4314m), Bear Creek Spire (4045m), Agassiz (4235m), Julius Caesar (4023m), Gardiner (3934m), Cotter (3875m), North Peak (3600m), Conness (3600m), Matterhorn (3600m, 7 times), Tallac (2968m), White Mountain Peak (4344m)





United States, Nevada (2022): Boundary Peak (4007m)



United States, New Mexico (1994): Wheeler (4050m)

United States, Alaska (1995): Denali / McKinley (6100m, up to 5000m)


Mexico (2008): Pico de Orizaba (5636m)


Ecuador (1994): Pichincha (4784m), Cayambe (5790m), Cotopaxi (5897m), Tungurahua (5016m)


Bolivia (1995): Pequeno Alpamayo (5370m), Eslovenia (5381m), Piramide Blanca (5230m), Huayna Potosi (6088m), Illimani (6438m)



- 1996: Cordillera Blanca: Alpamayo (5947m) and Huascaran (6768m)

- 1997: Cordillera Huayhuash (attempt on Yerupaja, 6635m), Cordillera Vilcabamba (attempt on Salcantay, 6271m)


Argentina (2000): Aconcagua (6959m)


Chile (2015): Guallatiri (6071m), Guane-Guane (5097m), Colorado (5748m, up to 5500m)


Morocco (1975-2023): Toubkal (4167m, 5 times), Mgoun (4068m), Arjout (3741m), Gourza (3280m), Rat(3797m), Tig Nousti (3819m)


Turkey (2009): Mt. Ararat (5137m)


Uzbekistan (2023): Mt. Chulboy (3812m)





- 1979, 1996, 2013: Kala Patthar (5643m, 3 times)

- 1996: Lobuche East (6119m) and Ama Dablam (up to 200m from the 6850m summit)

- 2001: Makalu (8485m, up to 7000m)

- 2006: Gokyo Ri (5360m), Kyajo Ri (6186m)

- 2012: Sherpani Col (6146m), West Col (6143m), and Amphu Lapsta (5845m)






India (2016): Yalung Nong (6080m)




Kyrgyzstan (1998): Khan Tengri (7000m, up to 5900m)


Xinjiang (2000): Muztagh Ata (7546m)


Tibet (2001 and 2002): Cho Oyu (8200m, up to 7100m)





- 2004: Gunung Agung (3142m), Bali

- 2010: Mt. Binaiya (3019m), Seram

- 2015: Gunung Merapi (2911m), Java



Taiwan (2015):

- Shei-Pa National Park: Chiyou (3303m), Xiaobajian (3418m)

- Yushan National Park: Sancha (3496m), Nanshuangtou  Eastern Peak (3356m), Tafen (3070m), Nadashueiku (3381m)



Japan (1984): Fuji San (3776m)


Rock climbing:




Sport climbing:

- United States:

. California: Owens Gorge, Bishop area, Rock Creek, Yosemite Valley, Pinnacles, Joshua Tree

. Nevada: Red Rocks

. Washington: Leavenworth area

. New Hampshire: Rumney

- Thailand: Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Le

- France: Calanque d'En-Vau and Dentelles de Montmirail






Alpine climbing routes:

- United States, California:

. Cathedral Peak (Southeast Buttress, 5.7)

. Lone Pine Peak (North Ridge, 5.4)

. Mt. Whitney (East Buttress, 5.8)

. Mt. Russell (Fishhook Arete, 5.9)

. Mt. Sill (Swiss Arete, 5.6)

. Temple Crag (Sun Ribbon Arete, 5.9, Venitian Blind, 5.7)

. Bear Creek Spire (North Arete, 5.8)

. Clyde Minaret (South-East Face Direct, 5.9+)

. Mt. Dana (Third Pillar, 5.10)

. Mt. Conness (North Ridge, 5.6)


- Nepal:

. Ama Dablam (Southwest Route, 5.8)



Ice climbing:



- United States:

. California: Lee Vining Canyon, North Peak (North-East Couloir)

. Washington: Mt. Baker (Mustache route)

- Canada: Banff and Lake Louise areas

- Peru: Alpamayo (Ferrari route)

- Nepal: Ama Dablam (Southwest Route)



Ski mountaineering:





United States, California:

- Matterhorn (7 times)

- Mount Shasta (4 times)

- Tour of Mt. Lamark, 1998

- Sierra Nevada Haute Route, 1998

- Monarch and Cirque Divides, 1999

- Great Western Divide, 2000

- Clarence King and Gardiner Basin, 2004

- Tallac, 2004



- Muztagh Ata, 2000


Treks (sorted by countries):




- August 1972: Sulawesi (from Mamasa to Palopo via Rantepao)
- May 1994: Central Irian Jaya/Papua (area east of Baliem valley)
- June 1994: Sulawesi (from Gimpu to Masamba through Bada Valley)
- December 2009: Sulawesi (a one-week loop north of Rantepao)
- November 2010: Mt. Binaiya on Seram Island





- October-November 2015: Trekking in Shei-Pa and Yushan National Parks


- November 2005: Yunnan (Tiger Leaping Gorge)







- Autumn 1979: Khumbu (plus photos of Kathmandu)

- Spring 1994: Kanchenjunga trek

- Autumn 2006: Gokyo Lakes, Renjo Pass, and Kyajo Ri

- Autumn 2008 and Spring 2011: Full West-to-East traverse of Nepal

- July 2012: Traverse of Dolpo

- Autumn 2012: Taplejung to Jiri via Lumba Samba Pass, Sherpani & West Cols, Amphu Lapsta

- October 2013: Too much snow in Khumbu

- September-October 2014: A Tour of Northern Humla

- April 2016: Valleys of Nepal′s Northwestern Corner

- October 2017: Simikot to Kolti via Mount Saipal

- October 2023: An Unplanned Mini-Trek South of Simikot





- July-September 2013: Across Ladakh and Zanskar

- July-August 2016: Brandy Nala (Ladakh) to Kibber (Spiti)

- July-August 2018: Across Kang La and Umasi La

- July-August 2019: 24-day trek in Kargil and Kishtwar districts of Ladakh and Jammu & Kashmir

- October-November 2019: Trekking in Arunachal Pradesh

- August-September 2022: Trek south of Pangong Tso, Ladakh




- Summer 1998:
Ala Archa, Terskey Ala-Too
- Summer 2004: Aksu and Kichi-Alai

- Summer 2005: Matcha
- Summer 2008:
Visokiy Alay, Western Kokshaal-Too

- Summer 2011: Traverse of the Turkestan Range, Terskey Ala-Too




- Summer 2004: Fann mountains

- Summer 2006: Fann mountains

- Summer 2009: Shakhdara range, Vanch valley (Pamir)

- Summer 2010: Tanymas river, Abdukagor glacier (Pamir)

- Summer 2017: Rivak valley, Badomdara/Rostovdara valleys (southern Pamir)



- August 2023: Hiking in a Land of High Cliffs and Deep Gorges (southern Uzbekistan)




- Summer 1973:
Danakil desert, highlands of Tigray, Semien mountains
- April-May 2012: Mekele to Debark via Lalibela
- March 2013: Across the Bale Mountains from Dodola to Harenna Forest
- November-December 2013: Korem to Tenta via Muja and Magdala

- April-May 2015: Around North-Eastern Tigray in 21 Days

- January 2017: Across northeastern Oromia, from Sheikh Hussein to Harar




- April and December 1973: Chott el Hodna and Tassili n′Ajjer







- March 1977: High Atlas south of Beni Mellal

- June 2003: Jebel Toubkal
- October 2003:
Jebel Mgoun
- June 2004:
Jebel Waougoulzat
- September 2005:
- June 2006: High Atlas of Marrakech
- June 2008: Tabant-Mgoun-Imejdag-Taghia-Oussikis
- July 2010: Traverse of the East Ridge of Jebel Mgoun
- April 2013: Ait-Bouguemez Valley to Anmiter around Jebel Rat

- April-May 2014: Traverse of Jebel Sahro and central High Atlas

- April-May 2016: From the Sirwa Massif to the Mountains of Amezmiz

- May 2017: Hiking in Al Hoceima National Park and the Rif Mountains

- February 2020: Seven-day trek in the Moroccan desert

- April 2022: Hikes on the Southern Side of the Mgoun Massif

- May 2023: Twelve-day traverse of the central part of the High Atlas



- May 1975: Corsica′s GR20 (northern half)



- March 2018: Across the Central Cordillera from Boquete to Caribbean Coast



- February 2018: Trek across PNN Los Nevados, from Salento to Santa Isabel de Tolima





- Spring 1997: Cordillera Vilcabamba

- Summer 1999: Cordillera Vilcanota, Cordillera Vilcabamba

- Summer 2003: Cordillera Huayhuash




-February 2001: Fitz Roy




- February 2001: Torres del Paine

- July-August 2015: Norte Grande

- February-March 2016: Torres del Paine and Navarino Island


United States:

- Summer 2007: Around Merriam Peak, Sierra Nevada, California

- March 2022: Four-Day Hike in the Cottonwood Mountains, Death Valley NP, California

- June-July 2022: Five-Day Traverse of the White Mountains, California and Nevada


Day Hikes (sorted by countries):






- October 2016: Kiso Valley, Koyasan, and Kumano-Kodo

- March-April 2017: Yakushima and Kyushu

- October 2018: Bridges and watermills of Ishidatami (Shikoku)

- April 2019: Nishinoshima (Oki islands), Nageiredo trail on Mt. Mitoku, Mt. Daisen



- November 2016: Around Rueili




- December 2018: Ascent of Gamalama (Ternate)


- September 2012: Gulkam Canyon, Chimgan Mountains

- April 2018: Little Chimgan


Saudi Arabia:

- February 2010: Black and white volcanoes of Harrat Khaybar



- May 2017: Dentelles de Montmirail and Mont Ventoux

- June 2019 : Combes of Mt. Ventoux and Crete de Saint-Amand



- November 2011: La Gomera (Canary Islands)





United States:

- June 2017: Hikes in Acadia National Park and Baxter State Park (Maine)

- June 2019: Hikes in the Southern Green Mountains (Vermont)

- September 2019: Pinnacles National Park (California)

- November 2019: Big Basin Redwoods State Park (California)

- March-April-May 2020: Los Trancos and Monte Bello Preserves (California)

- March & May 2020: Rancho Canada del Oro Preserve and Calero State Park (California)

- June 2020: The Forest of Nisene Marks (California)

- July 2020: Hikes in Almaden Quicksilver County Park (California)

- June 2021: Hikes in Acadia National Park and on Great Wass island (Maine)

- January-February 2022: Hikes in Pinnacles NP (California)

- June 2022: Acclimatization hikes to Bishop Pass and Piute Pass, Sierra Nevada (California)


Other trips (sorted by dates):



Summer 1968: a tour of the Middle-East:
Turkey, Iran, Kuwait, Iraq, Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon


September 1968: Morocco



Summer 1969: from the mouth of the Nile to its source and slightly beyond:
Egypt, Sudan & South Sudan, Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania



Summer 1970: by car from France to Pakistan and back:
Italy, Yugoslavia, Greece, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, and Afghanistan


Summers 1967 and 1971: Mexico


August 1971: Guatemala


Summer 1972: Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia


Summer 1973: Eritrea (Port of Massawa)


April and December 1973: Algeria (Chott el Hodna, Timgad, M′zab, Tassili)


Spring 1975: Italy (Aeolian Islands)


1984: Japan


2004 & 2006: Cambodia (Angkor and Around)


December 2006: Thailand (Bangkok)


December 2006: Laos (Luang Prabang and Vientiane)


June 2007: Spain (Andalusia)


January 2008: Saudi Arabia (Eastern Province, Old Jeddah, and KAUST; Al Ula and Medain Saleh/Hegra)


February 2008: Sailing across the Andaman Sea and Andaman Islands


April 2009: Kazakhstan (Astana)



Summer 2009: Turkey (Gaziantep and Kilis, Sanliurfa and Harran, Diyarbakir, Van and around, Erzurum, Ishak Pasa)



September 2009: Saudi Arabia (Inauguration of KAUST, Thuwal, by King Abdullah)


October 2010: Syria (Damascus)



August 2011: Turkey (Cappadocia)



2009 and 2011: Hong-Kong



April-May 2012: Ethiopia (Lalibela, Gondar, Lake Tana, and Harar)


June 2012: Peru (Cusco region and Lima)


2004, 2005, 2006, 2010, 2012: Uzbekistan


2009, 2011, 2012: Turkey (Istanbul)


March 2013: Ethiopia (Merkato in Addis Ababa, fish market in Awasa)


November-December 2013:
Ethiopia (Rock-Hewn Churches of Tigray, Monday Market in Bati, Gambela)


April 2014: Iran



July-August 2014: Guatemala

2008-2014: Nepal (Kathmandu and around)



2004-2014: Singapore

2002-2014: Mexico (States of Zacatecas, Guanajuato, Queretaro, Jalisco, Colima, Michoacan, Oaxaca, and Chiapas)


July-August 2015: Chile (Valparaiso)


October 2015: Indonesia (Yogyakarta region, Central Java)


November 2015: Mexico (States of Oaxaca and Veracruz)


February-March 2016: Southern Chile (Punta Arenas, Puerto Natales, and Puerto Williams)


2008, 2014, and 2016: Morocco (Marrakech and around)


September 2013 & August 2016: India (Delhi)



August 2016: Canada (Quebec City)

October 2016: Japan


November 2016: Mexico (States of Oaxaca, Morelos and Guerrero)


January 2017: Ethiopia (Sheikh Hussein, Harar, Addis Ababa)


February-March 2017: Mexico (States of Yucatan and Campeche)


March-April 2017: Japan


May 2017: Morocco (Fez)


2007-2017: United States


2017: Tajikistan (Southern Valleys of Gorno-Badakhshan)


2017: Turkey (Istanbul, Konya)


2017: Nepal (Lumbini)


November 2017: Mexico (States of Oaxaca, Puebla, and Tlaxcala)


2015-2018: France


February-March 2018: Colombia


March 2018: Panama


April 2018: Uzbekistan


April 2018: Turkey (Istanbul, Kars and around, Ani)


May 2018: Portugal (Porto and Coimbra)


June 2018: United States (Maine, Vermont, New York)


July-August 2018: India (Zanskar, Rajasthan, Delhi)


October 2018: Japan (Shikoku)


2007-2018: Taiwan


November 2018: Mexico (states of Oaxaca, Puebla, and Tlaxcala)


December 2018: Indonesia (Ternate and Tidore)



March 2019: Mexico (State of Hidalgo)


April 2019: Japan (San-in coast)


May 2019: Canada (Banff, Yoho, and Jasper National Parks)


June 2019: France (Villages around Le Ventoux)


August 2019 : India (Delhi)


June and September 2019 : United States (Vermont, California)


October and November 2019: India (Guwahati, Tawang, West Kameng, and Varanasi)


December 2019: Mexico (States of Oaxaca and San Luis Potosi)


February 2020: France (Paris and Saint-Denis)


June 2021: United States (New Hampshire and Maine)


November 2021: Mexico (States of Oaxaca)


March 2022: United States (Southeastern California)


April 2022: France (Center, Southwest, and South)


June 2022: United States (New Hampshire, Maine)



August-September 202: India (Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir; Leh and around, Ladakh)

December 2022: Mexico (State of Queretaro)


January 2023: United States (New Orleans)


March and April 2023: United States (San Luis Obispo area, California)


April 2023: United States (Death Valley National Park and around, California)


June 2023: United States (Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont)


August 2023: France (Levroux, La Souterraine, and Conques-en-Rouergue)


October 2023: Nepal (Pashupatinath temple, Kathmandu)


February 2024: Mexico (Guadalajara, Guanajuato, Oaxaca)


April 2024: United States (New Hampshire and Maine)


None of my trips have really focused on people. Nonetheless, I encountered many men, women, and children in the regions that I have traversed, and I took many pictures of them. These encounters have often been an exciting aspect of my travels and, time passing, one of their most vivid souvenirs. The following link ″Faces of My Trips″ leads to a collection of specific pages showing some of these pictures. The people appearing in my photos were never groomed or paid to look better or more ″interesting″. They appear exactly as I encountered them.


Faces of My Trips



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