Ethiopia (April-May 2012): Lalibela

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Lalibela is famed for its rock-hewn churches. Known initially as Roha, it was a capital of the Zagwe dynasty. It was later named after King Lalibela, the king of this dynasty who is credited for the construction of the churches. The churches date from the 12th and 13th centuries. The 11 churches in Lalibela are divided into two clusters, the northwestern cluster (6 churches) and southeastern one (4 churches). One church, Bet Giyorgis, stands apart from these two clusters. In each of the two clusters, the churches are connected to each other by narrow passages and tunnels. Many of the churches are monolithic. The largest, Bet Medhane Alem (3rd to 9th photos below), is 11.5m in height. The architectural design, carving process planning, and actual crafting of the churches are stunning achievement: both their inside and outside are carved from the same rock! I like better the cliff setting of some rock-hewn churches of Tigray (some actually predate those in Lalibela), but the churches in Lalibela are more impressive by their sheer size and overall architecture.


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ethio-2012 647

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Main street

Old house (made from excavated rocks)

Churches of the northwestern cluster

ethio-2012 516

ethio-2012 517

ethio-2012 518

ethio-2012 521

ethio-2012 525

ethio-2012 528

ethio-2012 529

ethio-2012 535

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ethio-2012 543

Churches of the northwestern cluster

Bet Giyorgis church

ethio-2012 579

ethio-2012 580

ethio-2012 581

ethio-2012 582

ethio-2012 586

ethio-2012 587

ethio-2012 589

ethio-2012 597

ethio-2012 613

ethio-2012 614

Churches of the southeastern cluster

ethio-2012 615

ethio-2012 616

ethio-2012 617

ethio-2012 618

ethio-2012 620

ethio-2012 625

ethio-2012 630

ethio-2012 634

ethio-2012 511

ethio-2012 512

Churches of the southeastern cluster

Tunnels and narrow passages

ethio-2012 524

ethio-2012 594

ethio-2012 602

ethio-2012 604

ethio-2012 607

ethio-2012 610

ethio-2012 611

ethio-2012 626

ethio-2012 629

ethio-2012 547

Tunnels and narrow passages between churches

Saturday market

ethio-2012 548

ethio-2012 554

ethio-2012 553

ethio-2012 570

ethio-2012 572

ethio-2012 573

ethio-2012 555

ethio-2012 557

ethio-2012 549

ethio-2012 550

Saturday market

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ethio-2012 552

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ethio-2012 564

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Saturday market


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