Japan (March 29 - April 8, 2017): Yakushima and Kyushu

[This banner is a slice across a photo of the forest below Kuromi-dake in Yakushima.]

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My main goal on this trip was to do a series a day hikes in the mountains in Yakushima and Kyushu in southern Japan. Kyushu is Japan′s third-largest island, and its most populous city, Fukuoka, is Japan′s fourth. The island is home to many volcanoes, including Aso-san, one of the largest active volcanoes in the world. In contrast, Yakushima is a small, round island with a diameter of 28km. Although it is only 60km south of Kyushu, it is a different world. With a granite bedrock, it hosts no active volcano. Instead, it boasts a dense concentration of craggy peaks, of which at least 30 rise above 1000m, with Miyanoura-dake topping them all at 1935m, higher than Kyushu′s highest peak, Naka-dake (1791m). Its total population is only about 13,000 inhabitants.



I did two hikes in Yakushima and three in Kyushu. I also spent some time in three large cities of Kyushu (Kagoshima, Kumamoto, and Fukuoka). To see photos of this trip click on the links below.


Hiking in Yakushima:

Tachu-dake, Kuromi-dake, and Koban-dake

Hiking in Kyushu:

Kuju mountain, Yufu-san, and Hiko-san

Cities of Kyushu:

Kagoshima, Kumamoto, and Fukuoka







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