Traverse of Western Nepal (2008)

Leg 1: From Baitadi to Chetty (September 18-25)

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On September 16 we took an early bus from Kathmandu to the small town of Atariya, in the South-West of Nepal. There we rented a 4WD to drive us to a small village (Kohelek, 1100m) near Baitadi. We started our trek from there on September 18. For several days we had heavy rains causing a large number of mudslides along the trails. Our first goal was to cross the Bakiya Lekh mountain range at Pathrasi pass. However, we first climbed the wrong pass.




View of Atariya early in the morning. It is not the most scenic place in Nepal.


First view of a high peak (Api Himal?) from Kohelek.


Typical houses.



Work in the field.


Chamliya Khola (the river in the back).


The small town of Gokuleshwar (600m).


Crossing the Chamliya Khola river.


After heavy rains, Chamliya Khola carries tree logs that are collected by local people (a dangerous job).


Scenery near Lumthi.



Khandesoweri village (2300m).


Another small village.


Trail along the Chelli Ganga river. The rain caused many landslides.


Man plowing a field near Gazir village, with a big mudslide on the other side of the river.


After leaving Gazir, we followed a small trail that what supposed to lead us to Pathrasi pass and allow us to cross Bakiya Lekh, the first mountain range of our trek.


Initially, the trail traverses a dense forest.


Some views of the trail above the forest. Several sections were fairly exposed, mainly due to recent landslides.



Views of the Bakiya Lekh mountain range.


View of the pass that we initially thought to be Pathrasi pass.


Peak near this pass.


Reaching the pass (4300m). Unfortunately, the pass was too steep on the other side to continue. We then realized that it was probably not Pathrasi pass and we decided to backtrack to the village of Chetty.


We spent a night just below the false Pathrasi pass. This is a view of the Indian skyline in the morning.


Chetty (3000m).


A cannabis field near Chetty.


Chetty people carrying cannabis.


Other people of Chetty. These people, called Boharas, are of Tibetan descent.



The Chetty people make most of their clothes, including these trendy jackets.



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