Traverse of Western Nepal (2008)

Leg 4: Kolti to Hurikot (October 6-13)


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Beyond Kolti, trekking became much easier. The weather improved and the trails were much better maintained. Suddenly route finding became easy. After Jumla, we reached more frequently trekked areas, but the number of trekkers remained very small.




Reaching Karnali river.


Village along the Karnali river.


Khat Khola river (before it merges with Karnali river). This river flows from Rara lake located further east.


Along the trail in the valley of Khat Khola river




I have rarely seen snakes in Nepal. However, in this valley I saw quite a few.


Below Rara lake, the valley of Khat Khola river ends up with deep gorges.


Views of Rara lake (2990m).


Jhari, just South of Rara lake, is a village with many ladders.


Celebration of the end of the Dashain festival.



Pina village.


Gurchi La pass (3460m)


Tea houses below the pass.


Man in Bhara village.


Darphe Lagna pass (3550m)


Valley of Jumla (at the bottom) view from Darphe Lagna.


A street of Jumla. Jumla was the first real town we crossed since the beginning of the trek. It was also the first place where we saw foreigners.


Village near Jumla.


Gothichaur meadows below Pattyata Lagna pass (2950m)


Gothichaur river.


Budhist village of Naphukana below Muria La pass (3840m).




From time to time we were taking advantage of the sunny weather to dry our gear.


Kids along the trail.


A family near Chaurikot.


Shepherd returning to Chaurikot.


Chaurikot village (3070m). Alcohol is a major problem in many villages.


Young girls in Chaurikot.


A creative fountain design.


The small Bon gompah at Hurikot village.


Hurikot village (2700m).



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