Along Tanymas River


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After a very hot 4-day drive from Tashkent, through Dushanbe and Khorog, we reached Murghab in Eastern Tajikistan. Murghab is a rather ugly small town settled in a barren environment. But its people (many Kyrgyz) are very friendly and we stayed in a welcoming guesthouse. From Murghab, a truck drove us to the start of the trek, at a place called Kokjar where Kokjar river flows into Tanymas river. Driving north of Murghab we first followed the so-called Pamir Highway, which eventually leads to the Tajik-Kyrgyz border at pass Kyzylart. After driving 180km we turned to the west on a small dust road that initially follows the Kokujbel river, to eventually reach Kokjar place.


Road itinerary from Murghab to Kokjar and back



Trekking route (black dots). Each square is 2kmx2km