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Frequent Reading

Machine Learning (Theory)

Presentation Zen
How to Change the World
Michael Nielsen
Luis von Blog

Work Stuff

NVIDIA CUDA library - Easy library for general purpose GPU computing

Textual Entailment Challenge
Computers are useless; they can only give you answers. -- Pablo Picasso

Libraries and datasets

SVMLight     LIBSVM - Cool SVM packages.

Sparse Coding
Starter code for deep belief networks

JavaNLP - All the NLP you will need.
OWL-QN - For L1-regularized optimization problems.

80 million tiny images
MNIST handwritten digits    OCR dataset
20 Newsgroups     Enron Email

Good reading

The reading list for my AI Qualifying Exam.

Andrew's ML course
Ben Van Roy's Approximate DP course
Statistical Learning lecture notes @ Berkeley

Convex Optimization
SDP Links     SDP Survey

Logic in CS     (Thanks to Bill MacCartney for this)
Matrix Calculus quick reference


Cricket score

An elementary proof of the Halting Theorem
The calculus of love affairs
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