G.D. Ramkumar

I am currently Co-Founder and CEO of Concept.io, a technology startup based in Palo Alto.

Previously, I was Co-Founder and CTO of SnapTell, a startup that was acquired in 2009 by Amazon subsidiary A9.

My Ph.D. thesis is available here in Postscript. The title of my thesis is "Tracings and their convolution: Theory and Applications". It applies geometric data structures and algorithms to Robotics, specifically to configuration space obstacles.

My undergraduate school was the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras.

Research Interests

Data mining and Geometric algorithms, and applied geometric reasoning in Robotics.


Here's a list of my publications .


I was a member of ASHA Stanford , a group working to raise funds for education projects in India.

Robotics Laboratory / Stanford University / G. Ramkumar