Web Mining for E-Commerce -- Challenges and Opportunities

August 20, 2000, Boston, MA

Held in conjunction with the ACM-SIGKDD Conference on Knowledge Discovery in Databases (KDD'2000)

Note: the best papers from the workshop are now under review for publication in the Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery journal.  Please see http://robotics.stanford.edu/~ronnyk/WEBKDD-DMKD

Workshop description

The ease and speed with which business transactions can be carried out over the Web has been a key driving force in the rapid growth of electronic commerce. The Web is revolutionizing the way business interact with each other (B2B) and with each customer (B2C). It has introduced entirely new ways of doing commerce, including e.g. auctions and reverse auctions. It also made it imperative for organizations and companies to optimize their electronic business.

Knowledge about the customer is fundamental for the establishment of viable e-commerce solutions. Web mining for e-commerce is the application of web mining techniques to acquire this knowledge for e-commerce. Typical concerns in e-commerce include improved cross-sells, up-sells, personalized ads, targeted assortments, improved conversion rates, and measurements of the effectivity of actions.

The WEBKDD'2000 workshop, as successor of WEBKDD'99, concentrates on web mining for e-commerce. It aims to bring together e-commerce practitioneres, tool vendors and data mining researchers and to foster the exchange of ideas, the discussion of currently proposed solutions and the establishment of an agenda for further emerging issues. 

Topics of interest

WEBKDD'2000 calls for contributions on topics related to data mining for e-commerce. These include the following subjects:

Workshop notes

The workshop notes will be published by ACM and distributed during the workshop. ACM raises a fee of $10-$15 for the workshop notes; this will be paid on site.

If you are a WEBKDD'2000 author, please consult the Camera-ready guidelines for preparing the final version of your paper.

If you are interested in participating in the workshop, please consult the instructions for workshop registration. Please beware that there is a registration deadline (see Important dates) required by ACM in order to prepare an adequate number of copies of the workshop notes.

The best papers will be published in a special issue of the Journal "Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery" (Kluwer Academic Publishers)

Submission guidelines

Original papers are solicited on the above or related issues of web mining for e-commerce. Submissions are of two types: Submissions should be in PDF or Postscript format.

A separate mail including the title, authors and abstract of the paper should be sent separately (see Important dates below) in plain ASCII format (no HTML-tags please).

All submissions must be sent to webkdd2000@wiwi.hu-berlin.de.
Attention: All abstract and paper submissions are acknowledged within two days. If no acknowledgment arrives for your submission, please contact the program chairs. 

Important dates


Program chairs

Local organization

Brij Masand, Redwood.com

Program committee

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