Catholic Community at Stanford
PIA Organizing Ministry

What is PIA:

Peninsula Interfaith Action is a federation of 27 congregations and other organizations seeking to improve the quality of life on the San Francisco Peninsula. PIA helps transform communities through the building of relationships and the development of community leaders.


We are nearing our goal of creating a Program Services Coordinator at the Opportunity Center in Palo Alto.  This position will help connect the Center’s staff with groups at Stanford and the wider community to enhance the quality of services and relationships.  We held a public meeting to rally support.


We are now surveying the Catholic Community to understand what issues are of concern.  Contact us if you want to tell us what is important to you.


In general, we meet the third Tuesday evening of the month from 7:00-8:30 p.m. at our Annex at University Lutheran Church.

Who we are:

We are members of the Stanford Catholic Community helping to bring our community together to exchange views and enter into a plan to deal with issues of local concern. We live out our faith and the social teachings of the Gospel and the Catholic Church by effecting changes in society while building a stronger, more effective parish in the process. PIA serves as a consulting organization to help us through the process of building relationships, selecting issues that are important to our community, doing research, and taking action on those issues.


More information about PIA and its parent organization, PICO. We held a three-session orientation to kickoff our efforts, and summaries of those workshops (1, 2, and 3) are available.

Community Contacts:

Mark Ruzon 408-536-4966

Diane Wakeham 650-556-9445


Peter Barling, Alayna Buckner, Estella Cisneros, Todd Fojo, Ann George, Suzanne Langen, Valerie McGuire, Lesley Ruzon, Mark Ruzon, Diane Wakeham, Julie Weitlauf