Stephen Gould

Short Biography
In November 2010, I joined the School of Computer Science at ANU after completing my PhD at Stanford University. My primary research focus is the use of probabilistic models and machine learning techniques for computer vision and, in particular, scene understanding. My PhD advisor was Daphne Koller. Other members on my PhD committee were Andrew Ng and Stephen Boyd.

Previously, I co-founded Sensory Networks where I was responsible for hardware engineering and product development as VP Engineering. Before Sensory Networks, I worked in other senior (and junior) engineering positions in research and development companies (including Dilithium Networks, Polartechnics, CWC). I received my MSEE degree from Stanford in 1998, and my BE and BSc degrees from The University of Sydney, Australia in 1996 and 1994, respectively. I enjoy mountain bike riding, playing golf, some travelling, and solving puzzles. When I was younger, I spent all of my time playing with lego; now I get to spend all of my time helping my daughters play with their lego.