3d Scene Understanding Project
Stephen Gould, Paul Baumstark, Morgan Quigley, Andrew Y. Ng, Daphne Koller

3d Point Cloud (120 deg. fov)

3d Point Cloud (color projection)

3d Point Cloud (reconstructed)
This project involves augmenting visual cues from images (or video streams) with 3d range data (e.g. from a laser) for improving object recognition and holistic scene understanding in real world environments (and at real-time data rates). We use an MRF to reconstruct a dense 3d point cloud from sparse laser data. We then extract visual and spatial cues from the reconstructed point cloud and use them for improved object detection. A model using geometry extracted from the point cloud allows for high-level scene understanding.

The following video shows results comparing vision only object recognition (left panel) with object recognition incorporating 3d scene understanding (right panel) for two common office/household objects: mugs (green) and wall clocks (cyan). Data was collected using the STAIR Robot. The superiority of the 3d scene understanding results is evident.

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View the poster from our NIPS 2007 demonstration.